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Core Values

Conserva Irrigation of The Twin Cities's Core Values and Sprinklers?

How do those work together?

Well, at Conserva Irrigation we are all about Minneapolis sprinkler systems and our core values are what set us apart from everyone else in the industry.


Who is coming to install or repair your sprinkler system? Are they on time? Reliable? Transparent with their pricing? With Conserva, the answer to all of the above is: yes. Yes! YES!
Our trained sales technicians arrive in an easily recognized repair truck, on time and ready to work out any kinks you may have with irrigation system. We offer a Comprehensive system efficiency analysis, complete with a report card that shows how and where your system might need help. Our goal is to have every homeowner score a perfect 100%, for with an efficient system, you not only save money each month on your water bill, you also are potentially keeping thousands of gallons of water from being wasted. Our report comes with flat-rate pricing, if any repairs are needed. Flat rates eliminate the guesswork on how much a repair is going to cost: it is right there on paper for you to review, assess, and if desired, use as part of your gathered quotes/estimates.


Having a sprinkler system is an investment in your property. It helps maintain or increase your property’s net worth. You do not want to use sub-standard parts or cheaply made materials that will break easily, or, just as harmful to your yard, leak. At Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities, we pride ourselves on partnering with Toro®. Not only is Toro consistently regarded as the industry leader in sprinkler system parts, they are constantly improving their innovative product line to efficiently water your lawn with a minimal amount of water waste. By having our parts and tools on hand, we are able to often make repairs on the spot. We also can retrofit older systems using your existing system’s “backbone” to keep as much of your hard-earned income where it belongs: in your wallet!


Did you know that one broken sprinkler head can leak 18 – 45 gallons of water per zone each time you run your system? That adds up to a substantial amount of water pouring down the culverts, wasted. That translates into money slipping out of your fingers in the form of your monthly water bill. It is also water that could be saved, conserved and used elsewhere. At Conserva, we offer a complimentary Comprehensive lawn analysis for your sprinkler system, because we believe that water conservation is something that affects each and every one of us, now and in our future.

You can see that core values and Minneapolis sprinklers really do work together. We welcome your call today at (763) 401-7313 to schedule your free Comprehensive lawn analysis and see how together we can make your irrigation system efficient.

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