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Hunter Hydrawise Controller

Introducing The Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller

The Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller is the most advanced sprinkler system controller on the market. The Hydrawise controller uses real-time local weather data to automatically adjust your watering schedule, so your yard gets watered only when it’s needed — and never when it’s not.

Other great benefits of this smart controller include:

  • Significantly reduces your water bill
  • Remote access from any smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) to conveniently manage your system from anywhere, anytime.
  • Connects to Amazon Alexa™ smart home system for voice activated control
  • Sends automatic alerts in the event of a major fault in the system, like in the event of a leak (must have flow sensor installed)

With the Hunter Hydrawise smart controller, there is no need to go to your controller box to make updates and changes. Everything can be done through your phone or computer! Some key features of the Hydrawise app include:

  • Custom naming conventions for each zone. Instead of remembering that zone 3 controls all watering near the mailbox, you can name that zone "mailbox" and easily access what you need when you need it
  • Set up specific water triggers based on temperature changes, rain accumulations, or any custom scenarioLFR62252-Edit