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Woodbury Irrigation Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs

If you’re looking for an efficient sprinkler system for your Woodbury home, or if your existing irrigation system is in need of maintenance or repairs, Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities is the place to call. We’re passionate about conserving water while promoting lush, green lawns and saving our customers money at the same time. In fact, using an efficient sprinkler system from Conserva Irrigation can save homeowners 40% or more on their water bill!

Prior to installing an irrigation system on your Woodbury property, our highly-trained technicians will walk through your property and take notes about sun exposure, slopes, patios, planted landscapes, and anything else notable about your yard. Then we’ll custom design a Toro smart sprinkler system unique to your property that will give your lawn and landscape the exact amount of water it needs to thrive.

If you have an existing irrigation system, Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities will give you a FREE comprehensive system inspectionwith a score anywhere between 1-100, which we call our Systems Efficiency Score (SES). We provide upfront, transparent pricing on both parts and labor, so your Woodbury irrigation repairs can be done right then and there, or after thinking it over and discussing with your spouse.

Whether you have a brand new irrigation system or an already-existing one, we cannot stress the importance of your Woodbury sprinkler system maintenance enough. Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities offers four maintenance plans to choose from, which range from Basic seasonal summarization and winterization, to Full Season, which also includes a mid-season checkup and a fall tuneup, to our “No Worries” plan, which includes all of the above plus any needed Woodbury irrigation repairs and no charge for service calls.

If you’re interested in a new irrigation system, need Woodbury irrigation repairs or even just Woodbury sprinkler system maintenance, contact Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities at (763) 401-7313.

Irrigation Systems are All We Do.

Many landscaping businesses also have irrigation systems as part of their service offerings, but unlike those companies, we focus on solely on irrigation systems — that’s our speciality. Because it’s often an “add on,” oftentimes landscaping companies aren’t able to solve many sprinkler system issues. The list of common sprinkler system issues on the right is by no means exhaustive, but if you’re noticing any of those things with your irrigation, definitely give us a call.

We Partner with the Best in Parts — Toro

If you need sprinkler system parts, we have an exclusive partnership with Toro, the world leader in high-quality irrigation and sprinkler system components. With a dedication to innovation as well as shared philosophy of water conservation, Toro is synonymous with Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities. We use only Toro irrigation products with your Woodbury irrigation repairs, installation, and maintenance.

No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to helping you save money, save water, and have a beautiful lawn!

Common Sprinkler System Problems

As irrigation system specialists, you can rest assured that if you need help with any of the following, Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities will definitely take care of it:

  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Zone won’t turn on
  • Zone won’t shut off
  • Start-up / reactivation / summerization
  • Sprinkler system leaks
  • System won’t turn on
  • System won’t shut off
  • Dry grass
  • Grass is too wet
  • Upgrade controller
  • Weak / clogged heads
  • Vacuum breaker leaking
  • Vacuum breaker testing
  • Sprinkler controller programming
  • Winterization
  • Sprinkler system tune-up / inspection
  • Needs changes or repair after landscape changes
  • Watering while it’s raining/sensor not working
  • Spraying the house or road / adjust heads