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What Could Happen if I Don’t Have My Minneapolis Sprinkler System Winterized?

frozen water and snow near trees
frozen water and snow near trees

It is no secret that Minnesota winters are among some of the coldest in the country. To that end, winterizing your home’s various systems has become part of the fall routine. From bringing the dock in, wrapping the boat, closing the swimming pool, and blowing out your irrigation system – fall is a busy time of year. Don’t let your irrigation system winterization slip by. The damage could be catastrophic – costing you hundreds or thousands.

burst pvb with frozen waterWhat could happen if an irrigation system is NOT winterized:

  1. Burst PVB – imagine a frozen geyser shooting out of the side of your house! You could also experience the inconvenience of contaminated water getting into your water supply, making this particular consequence not just expensive, but a real pain in the behind.
  2. Split underground lines – water lines underground can split and crack from water freezing inside. If your water is turned off, you won’t experience immediate consequences. However, when you fire up your system in the spring you could waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water before you notice.
  3. Cracked valves – water expands when it freezes and anything that is in its path will crack and split, needing replacement.
  4. Broken sprinkler heads – sprinkler heads are a common enough irrigation repair, but you certainly don’t want to cause them unnecessarily.
  5. Voided warranty – if your sprinkler system was installed by us, it came with a warranty. If your system is not winterized by us, your warranty will be voided, and any repair costs will be your responsibility. Not only that, invest in winterization service and you’ll gain the added benefits of our No Freeze Damage Guarantee™.

If winter snuck up on you, don’t delay a minute longer. Call us today for a sprinkler winterization service to protect your system from expensive repair costs. Think of it like an insurance policy for your irrigation system.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.