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Save Money by Upgrading Your Sprinklers to a Pump System to Get Irrigation off the Water Meter

The cost of water can be shocking, especially in the hot summer months when you’re running your irrigation system. And while you don’t mind the cost of healthy clean drinking water, maybe there is a more cost-effective solution for keeping your lawn healthy. If your home is situated near a proper water source, you might be able to convert it to a centrifugal pump system.

Well and Lake Pump Irrigation Systems

A centrifugal pump uses rotation to pull water from its source, lifting it out of the ground and into your sprinkler system. We can apply the technology to pull water either from a lake/pond or from a well.

Lake Pump Irrigation Systems

undefinedThe land of ten thousand lakes. Sounds lofty, but the real numbers are much more impressive. Just in the borders of the city of Minneapolis, there are 13 lakes. In the whole state, there are 11,842 lakes that are 10 acres or more. If you counted all the bodies of water over 2.5 acres in the state, the number is 21,871. Lakes and ponds in the Twin cities provide a great opportunity for irrigation purposes.

A lake pump irrigation system is simple to set up and can be tied into most existing irrigation systems, subject to local jurisdiction codes. With a centrifugal pump, an intake line, and a filter (to block lake vegetation, wildlife, and debris from entering), we can set your irrigation system to use lake water. You’ll enjoy not paying for city water and you’ll rest easy knowing your conserving vital resources.

Well and Pump Irrigation Systems

The same process of using a pump to pull water from the lake into your irrigation system applies to a Well and Pump system, but in this case, the pump is sunk into a well, pulling underground water.

Depending on the size of your lawn, your average annual irrigation water costs, and if there is an access point on your property; if you don’t have a well, it might be economically beneficial to dig one. Using a well for the sole purpose of irrigation means you won’t incur any water costs associated with keeping your lawn healthy. ¬†Once you recoup the cost of digging the well, you’ll simply have the maintenance costs of keeping your irrigation system running efficiently.

How much can you save?

During the summer months, your lawn needs approximately 1 inch of water per week, which is approximately 6,230 gallons for every 100 square feet of lawn.¬† With the average household using approximately 12,000 gallons of water per month at a cost of $55.76, you can imagine how much your water bill goes up in each of the summer months. If you’re an average household with only 100 square feet of lawn it is 4x your normal usage. With the complicated water billing system in place, your bill is luckily not 4x higher, but you can save significantly if you get off the water meter for irrigation.

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