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Smart Irrigation

Responsibility is at the core of who we are - your Minneapolis irrigation system professionals

When we speak about responsibility at Conserva Irrigation, it is in terms of environmental responsibility and addresses our commitment to the cause.

Many of us presume the availability of water is infinite.  While it is true that 70% of the earth’s surface is comprised of water, 97% is unconsumable salt water.  Of the remaining 3%, only 1% is a usable resource.

Small steps can be taken to reduce our everyday water consumption indoors, but what most folks do not realize, is that nearly 60% of household water usage can be attributed to our irrigation systems.  Low-flow toilets and water-efficient dishwashers are essential, but in the grand scheme of environmental responsibility, we must improve the water waste produced by less-responsible irrigation systems.

It might seem paradoxical for an irrigation company to espouse environmental responsibility by using less water.  At Conserva Irrigation, we know that having a lush, green lawn is environmentally beneficial.  Amply watering lawns, without overwatering is key.  Noting the alarming rates at which water is wasted by underperforming irrigation systems, we set out to create solutions.  Having studied water dynamics, horticultural best practices, and environmental sustainability, Conserva offers technology to help move the irrigation industry away from their supposed water-wasting, non-environmentally-friendly reputation.

Conserva Irrigation’s answer to irrigation water waste is the Toro® smart sprinkler system with the ET Weather Sensor and  EVOLUTION® controller.

Would it smarter not to have an irrigation system at all?

Simply, no.  What about periodic garden hose watering or portable sprinklers?  Watering your lawn and plants only when you think it is required, can be extremely wasteful.  The irregularity and inconsistency of part-time watering all but guarantees using much more water on a periodic basis, than consistently watering with a smart irrigation system to reduce overwatering.  Additionally, drier conditions could induce water evaporation before your lawn and plants have ample time to absorb it.  This scenario is the epitome of water waste and is why we encourage homeowners to invest in an irrigation system.

Most of our irrigation customers enjoy a 100% return on their irrigation system investment in less than three years, all the while reducing water usage up to 60%.

There need not be a dichotomy between irrigation and environmental sustainability. Keeping your lawn and vegetation healthy has a positive environmental impact.

  • Grass reduces greenhouse gas by converting it to life-giving oxygen.
  • Grass lowers the Earth’s surface temperature, 14 degrees cooler than bare soil on a hot summer day.
  • The roots of grass act as a natural water filter, reducing contaminants in runoff water before it makes it down to the aquifers.
  • Grass absorbs air pollutants for cleaner breathing.
  • Grass provides a habitat for many small creatures such as birds and insects that could not survive without it.

Conserva Irrigation is a name with meaning – conservation is the very essence of what we do.  Our smart irrigation systems are engineered to conserve water, impacting both the environment and your budget positively.

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