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Smart Irrigation Sprinkler System Set Up

Heavily watering your lawn during the heat of the season is a common misconception

A common misconception about maintaining lawns during the heat is the necessity to overwater. Overwatering drowns the roots of your grass by depriving them of oxygen.

To care for your lawn during the July and August heat, follow these three simple tips.


Turning your water on and off throughout the summer to ensure you aren’t watering during rainfall is time-consuming. With a weather sensor, you never have to turn your system on and off manually again. Weather sensors measure rainfall, sun, and shade, and automatically communicate with your controller to let it know what your lawn needs.


You don’t need to drench your lawn with a 30-minute soak schedule to maintain it’s green, lush appearance. Instead, we want you to water deep and infrequently. What do we mean by this? We mean instead of firing all zones at one time for 30-40 minutes, water one zone for 8 minutes then move on to the next zone and complete these cycle until the 30 minutes is complete. This cycle-soak method allows water to soak deeper into the roots of your grass and properly absorb the water.


Knowing the health and condition your sprinkler system is in will help maintain the health of your grasses root system. For example, if there is a zone that is missing a sprinkler head or has a leaking head, this could be damaging to your lawn. So, whether you’re inspecting your irrigation system by yourself or hiring a professional like Conserva Irrigation, make sure you’re checking the health of your sprinkler heads, lines, and technology parts annually.

If you’re not an irrigation expert, that’s okay because we are. Call Conserva Irrigation of Twin Cities to schedule a free system inspection. We look forward to working with you!

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