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Conserving water

If you have a "traditional" irrigation system controller, you're wasting water. Here's why.

If you have a traditional irrigation system controller, its programming is likely on a predefined, rigid schedule that doesn’t vary. A sprinkler system schedule is not something most people think about, so most people just move on with their lives and let the system do its thing. But as irrigation professionals, we think about things like this a lot. And we know that with a traditional system controller with a predefined schedule, you’re definitely wasting water.

Why? It’s all about the weather. Not just the day-to-day weather, but seasonal weather. Your lawn needs much less water in the spring and months than it does in the heat of summer. It’s just common sense. But traditional controllers don’t know what month it is, they’re just programmed to go off at intervals (usually 30-40 minutes) every day or every other day, no matter what time of year. Take a look at this video for a quick explanation:

While a traditional controller’s programming is predictable, one thing that’s not predictable is the weather. If your old-fashioned system controller is programmed to go off on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., it will go off at those times and on those days even if there’s a torrential rainstorm. And summer storms in the evening are a common event during the hottest summer months. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? All of these weather factors contribute to water being wasted with a rigid schedule of a traditional irrigation system controller.undefined

Mother Nature has her own plan, and she doesn’t care about when people water their lawns. It’s absurd to expect the weather to adjust to our irrigation systems. A Toro EVOLUTION smart irrigation controller, however, adjusts to the weather. When paired with the Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor, your controller knows when to water and when not to.

How does that work? Well, when a Conserva Irrigation technician first designs and programs your irrigation system, there are many variables that he or she enters into the EVOLUTION controller to create the right watering schedule. These variables include soil type, slope, amounts of sun and shade, types of plant material found in each zone, and types of sprinkler heads used.

When you have a Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor, it detects real-time weather data and sends it to your EVOLUTION Controller. The controller then takes that data, combined with the variables mentioned above that your Conserva Irrigation technician previously inputted, and can override any previously programmed watering schedule and customize it for the current and upcoming conditions.

The result? Only watering your lawn when it’s absolutely necessary, and only using the right amount of water needed. That amounts to a LOT of savings in water, and on your water bill.

To learn more about the Toro EVOLUTION Controller and how its add-on accessories like the Toro Wireless ET Weather Sensor are the best option for your lawn, contact Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities today. You’ll be using much less water and have the most beautiful lawn on the block!

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