Conserva Irrigation’s Services

Convenience & Efficiency Built into Every System

Maintaining your landscape can be a very daunting task, no matter what the size of your property. Thankfully, Conserva Irrigation® offers a variety of sprinkler and irrigation solutions for your peace of mind. After completing a complimentary sprinkler inspection, we’ll walk you through each part of the report, pointing out each leak or break that is causing your system to run inefficiently. Our trusted technicians are well-equipped to help you maintain your lawn throughout the year and with our variety of seasonal services, you can trust that your system is always in optimal condition.

Conserva’s advanced systems are specifically designed to help you maximize your water savings—and water conservation means money conservation. Each component we use in our systems is specially selected to provide your landscape with the perfect amount of water at exactly the right time. This can help you reduce water waste by up to 60%, which will have a significant impact on your water bills. Best of all, your lawn will look healthy and beautiful.


When preparing your irrigation system for the summer months, Conserva takes special care to ensure that your common green areas stay healthy and hydrated through the heat. Our system start-up and adjustment summerization plan includes:

  • Inspecting the system zone by zone to check for optimal function. All heads will be checked and adjusted for proper performance.
  • Checking the RPZ (anti-syphon device) and city water meter for proper function.
  • Auditing the Controller to ensure that it is properly programmed for optimum efficiency and set up start times to conform to municipal law.
  • Testing the on-site weather station and/or other sensors for proper function.
Mid-Season Inspection

Does your area endure sweltering summers? Our mid-season inspection will help your green areas stay vibrant and lush, no matter how punishing the heat gets.

  • Our mid-season inspections are critical to the identification of system damage or malfunction, which can waste significant amounts of water and money…and create turf damage. Additionally, the results of each inspection are communicated to your management team.
  • We mine data from the Smart Controller to ensure the proper function of your system. If a simple timer is used in lieu of a smart controller, run times are adjusted to water the turf — all within the time frame allowed by your municipality.

Winter can be equally rough on irrigation systems. If not properly prepared, pipes can freeze and burst, leaving your system damaged and vulnerable. Conserva’s winterization process ensures your irrigation system is ready for winter’s chill by:

  • Evacuating the system of water to ensure that none of its componentry freezes.
  • Performing a year-end analysis where malfunctioning componentry is recorded for repair in the spring.
  • Generating an Annual Expense Report each off-season that includes annual water usage and expenditures, as well as annual maintenance and repair expenditures.