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Could your sprinkler system be malfunctioning without your knowledge?

Would you notice if your sprinkler system was running in the rain, or if you have sprinkler head leaks? Would you recognize drip line irrigation leaks? Truth is, there are many nuances of your irrigation system, that if malfunctioning, could be doing so unbeknownst to you. That’s why Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities offers a FREE Comprehensive sprinkler system inspection. We encourage you to take advantage of our sprinkler check-up to ensure that your irrigation system is not wasting precious water, and in turn your money.

With Conserva’s FREE sprinkler system efficiency evaluation, we will detect insufficiencies in your sprinkler system, and assess its overall health. Once we thoroughly scrutinize your system, we will rate it with a system efficiency score (SES) from 1 to 100. Our goal is always to achieve a score of 100. If your irrigation system has a rating below a perfect score, we will offer a list of necessary repairs with flat-rate pricing. Our irrigation professional will be ready to make those repairs at the time of the inspection, so there is never a worry over pricing changes between visits. What are some of the problems we commonly identify during our sprinkler system inspections?

Leaking irrigation lines and sprinkler heads:

Lateral line leaks

Lateral lines run from the main water line to each one of your Minneapolis sprinkler system heads. They’re essentially the “branches” of your system. Lateral line leaks are difficult to detect because they only flow when your system is running. No matter if there is a small leak or a large line break, either will result in damage to your lawn by way of soil erosion. Early detection is key to assuaging lawn damage, unintended water usage, and high water bills.

hidden sprinkler head leakIt is essential that an irrigation professional performs lateral line repairs. Many, who attempt such repairs, end up causing undue damage. At the hands of an untrained professional, lateral lines could become clogged with dirt and debris, resulting in much larger problems with your irrigation system.

Leaking sprinkler heads

Leaking sprinkler heads can also be difficult to identify. The inherent function of a sprinkler head is to spray water, so the layman might not notice an irregular spray pattern or might mistake the leak for normal water spray. A system that only runs once a day/every other day, with a single leaking sprinkler head, can dump 33,600 gallons of water waste.

Poor irrigation system design and unsatisfactory programming:

Sprinkler systems running in the rain

If you have an aged irrigation controller, it could be pre-programmed to run at certain times, regardless of the weather, resulting in a lot of wasted water. A smart irrigation controller from Conserva Irrigation and Toro will detect rainfall, so your Minneapolis irrigation system knows not to engage. Our smart irrigation controller will also determine when the weather is too dry, and your lawn needs unscheduled watering. Sure, you could manually turn off your sprinkler system when it’s raining. This is not only inconvenient, but you cannot always ensure that you will be at home when the rain begins to fall. Smart controllers will do the work for you – so there is never a reason for you to plan for inclement or dry weather irrigation scheduling.


Overwatering can come from bad programming but also from poor irrigation design. There may be more than one sprinkler head irrigating the same area, or perhaps an area might accumulate too much water because it’s down-slope from other sprinkler heads. Such is commonly the case with sprinkler systems that over-water. A professional irrigation system design by Conserva Irrigation will take the slope of your property into account, to alleviate pooling, ground erosion, and water waste caused by overwatering. Other considerations during your irrigation system design, to negate over-watering, include identifying shaded areas and varieties of vegetation, which might require less water distribution.


Leaks and overwatering are not the only problems with a poorly-designed or programmed irrigation system.
An improperly-programmed sprinkler system is unable to identify problem dry areas in your lawn. Dry areas can be caused by sprinkler spray that doesn’t properly reach, or even by excessive sun exposure. These situations call for alternate programming, which Conserva’s certified irrigation technicians are trained to perform. Our Toro systems can customize each zone of your lawn for maximum watering efficiency.

As your trusted Minneapolis sprinkler repair company, Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities will identify problems with your irrigation system, and offer tried and true solutions. Our SES was created specifically to eradicate water waste and underwatering, alike, to keep your system running efficiently, maintaining a healthy lawn, and saving you money.

Contact us today and learn more about our irrigation services.