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Core Values

Conserva Irrigation Core Values

Professionalism. Innovation. Responsibility. Our commitment to the Norfolk Community.

Professionalism, Innovation, and Responsibility in water conservation are the three core values we follow at Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads in the Norfolk community. These are the core values that set us apart from any other irrigation company in the industry.


Professionalism is at the heart of each and every aspect of our daily regimen at Conserva Irrigation. Whether it’s the Norfolk office staff that answers your phone call or the professionally dressed irrigation technician that arrives at your home in our marked, wrapped work van we want you to know that you’ll be working with a reliable, professional individual. When you make an appointment for your irrigation system to be repaired, we’ll show up on time, ready to complete the task in a timely manner. From your first point of contact with us, we will ensure you encounter nothing but absolute professionalism, from top to bottom.


By partnering with Toro®, we’ve gained the ability to offer our customers the absolute state-of-the-art in irrigation system repair and installation services and products. Toro is the industry leader in innovative irrigation system technology. In fact, Toro has spent nearly half a century honing and perfecting their line of sprinkler system products. We stock each of our vans with all the Toro sprinkler parts needed to ensure that we can complete nearly any repairs your sprinkler system needs. It’s extremely important to note, while we provide and install only Toro sprinkler system parts, we do perform service on any type of sprinkler system. Whether your system is a Rain Bird system or a Hunter system, we can make all needed repairs utilizing Toro parts. Additionally, through upgrading your system to the latest in Toro® smart irrigation technology, you can reduce your water usage for irrigation purposes by up to an incredible 60%.

Toro Sprinkler System Products


Did you know that just one broken sprinkler head has the potential to waste between 18 – 45 gallons of water each time you run your sprinkler system? Let’s assume you run your system every day for six months, one time per day. That means you would have potentially wasted 1,350 gallons of water in just one season. What if you have more than one broken head, run your system twice a day or have it in operation for longer than six months? The numbers can become staggering. Wasted water, when your system runs on city water, equals wasted money. We offer a 100% free sprinkler system inspection that will help point out how ineffective your system is and what needs to be done to make it more efficient. We’ll provide you with an efficiency score, noting what needs immediate repair, and provide you with a written estimate for repairs. We want to help you save money and conserve water in the process.