Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Pressure Vacuum Breaker in Norfolk

Get your Pressure Vacuum Breaker Tested for Williamsburg with Conserva Irrigation

The pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) is an important component of the irrigation system. It provides protection against backflow or siphoning of water, or in other terms it keeps outside fertilizer and pesticides from contaminating your drinking water.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

How does a PVB work?

A PVB has a check valve and air inlet that vents to the air. The PVB is installed close to the water source in the water flow before it goes into the sprinkler valves. Your PVB should be installed above the highest point in the system, usually the tallest sprinkler head or the highest slope in yard. The check valve is designed to allow water through and keep the air inlet closed during normal conditions. When the air pressure is greater than the water pressure, the vent will open and close the check valve preventing backflow of water.

Why do I need to have my PVB tested?

Because it’s the law! In Williamsburg, VA you have to have your Vacuum Breaker tested annually. This is for the safety of your family and neighborhood. If you’re looking for an irrigation company to test your PVB, well you’ve found one. Conserva Irrigation will inspect your Williamsburg sprinkler system and test your Vacuum Breaker.

How is a Backflow Test Done?

Our professional team will come and, after shut off water for safety and accuracy, record the condition of the PVB, then we will test your device to make sure it is meeting all necessary criteria to assure it is performing correctly. Including:

  • Making sure the check valves are preventing backflow
  • Check that the airports open when they should
  • And ensure that the relief valves open before the pressure between the check valves is less than 2 PSL below the pressure at the inlet device

We Install Vacuum Breaker’s Too!

A PVB will keep your water clean from any outside influences like fertilizers or pesticides. When installing the PVB, we will ensure that it is up to city standards which is above the highest point in the sprinkler system, usually the tallest sprinkler head or the highest slope in yard where a sprinkler head may be positioned. If you’re looking to install Pressure Vacuum Breaker, give Conserva Irrigation a call.