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Sprinkler System Installation, Irrigation Maintenance & Repair in Mankato, MN

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an irrigation company in Mankato, MN, that could handle any and all of your irrigation needs? Well, we have good news! Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota is your premier irrigation service provider in Mankato, MN, and surrounding areas. We specialize in irrigation system repair, irrigation system startups in springtime, irrigation system winterization, and general irrigation maintenance. We utilize a more proactive approach to ensuring your irrigation system is operating at peak performance and are extremely proud to utilize smart irrigation technology to ensure your system uses less water while keeping your lawn lush and green! Call today at (507) 607-7369.

irrigation system repair Mankato, MN

Springtime irrigation system startup in Mankato, Minnesota

Once springtime finally arrives, there’s always a rush to ensure your sprinkler system is started up for the watering season. During our springtime startup, we’ll perform a full irrigation system inspection to check for any critical repair needs, as well as provide you with smart irrigation technology options to enhance the efficiency of your existing system. We offer smart irrigation controllers, rain sensors, and more! Our goal, ultimately, is to ensure that your lawn receives the perfect amount of irrigation and not a drop more. There’s a very fine line between overwatering and underwatering your lawn. We’re the professionals when it comes to irrigation system startups in Mankato, MN. Furthermore, we offer annual maintenance packages that include both irrigation system startup and winterization, so you’ll never again have to scramble to find a company during the peak of irrigation startup season!

irrigation system startup in Mankato, MN

Irrigation system winterization in Mankato, Minnesota

Winterizing your irrigation system in Mankato, MN, is a necessity. Failure to properly and effectively winterize your irrigation system can result in catastrophic damage and may even lead to the necessity of a new system being installed. So, if you’re looking for a reputable, reliable irrigation company to winterize your irrigation system in Mankato, MN, then look no further than Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota. Our team of highly trained technicians will perform a full system inspection during the winterization, checking every section of your system for any lateral line leaks, broken rotors or spray nozzles, as well as checking for any leaking seals. We’ll then provide you with a winterization report that highlights all recommended repairs before starting up your irrigation system in the springtime. Finally, we’ll evacuate all the water from your system and shut down your controller. Furthermore, we offer a No Freeze Damage Guarantee™!

irrigation system winterization in Mankato, MN

Search for irrigation companies near me and choose Conserva for all your Mankato, MN sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

So, when searching for the best irrigation company in Mankato, MN, look no further than Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota. We’re Your Sprinkler System Caretaker™. Whether you require irrigation repair, irrigation winterization, springtime irrigation system startup, or general maintenance, you can count on us. If you’d like to learn more about our irrigation services in Mankato, MN, call us anytime at (507) 607-7369 or feel free to fill out our contact form. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon!