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Sprinkler System Installation, Irrigation Maintenance & Repair in Courtland, MN

Is your Courtland, MN, irrigation system in need of critical and immediate repair? If so, make sure to perform your homework before hiring just anyone! Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota is a nationally backed, locally owned and operated irrigation franchise. This means you'll receive all the protocols and professionalism of a national company, with localized pricing and ownership. We pride ourselves on not only repairing your irrigation system and returning it back to full operation, but also ensuring that it's operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency.

irrigation system repair Courtland MN

We'll inspect your irrigation system's coverage, your controller, determine if you have a rain sensor, and even adjust any sprinkler heads that are potentially spraying into the street or into your neighbor's yard. We've seen it al when it comes to irrigation repair needs and inefficient irrigation systems. We also offer a 100% free sprinkler system inspection, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us. Call us anytime at (507) 607-7369.

irrigation system installation in Courtland MN

Springtime irrigation system startup in Courtland, Minnesota

When the mad dash to startup irrigation systems begins in Courtland, MN, it's a wave, or torrent, of phone calls. You'll most likely find yourself calling nearly every irrigation company in Courtland! As most do, waiting until the last minute to have your irrigation system started up in the spring can be a little frustrating. Most companies are booked out for several weeks due to their backlog. Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota offers annual maintenance packages that will ensure your irrigation system's winterization and springtime startup are pre-scheduled! This provides ultimate peace of mind and ensures that you don't have to even bother remember to call anyone for your system's startup in the spring - we'll alert you once your appointment is coming up, via text and email!

irrigation system startups in Courtland, MN

Irrigation system winterization in Courtland, Minnesota

Ensuring that your Courtland, MN, irrigation system is properly winterized is of the utmost importance. Failure to winterize your system can result in catastrophic damage that may even require you to have a new system installed. As you're more than aware, our winters can be very, very harsh. At Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota, we utilize commercial air compressors to evacuate all the water from your system. Interestingly enough, this allows us to better see how your lateral lines are performing underground, as well as to check your seals and valves even better than during a normal inspection due to the compressed air flowing through your system!

Furthermore, we offer a No Freeze Damage Guarantee. So, we'll evacuate your irrigation system, shut off your controller, then provide you with an in-depth Winterization Report. In the Winterization Report, we'll notate all recommended repairs prior to starting up your system in the springtime. This is a way of being more proactive in an industry that's mostly reactive to maintenance and repairs. We'll help to ensure that your irrigation system is ready for the long watering season ahead.

So, when searching for the most reliable irrigation repair, irrigation installation, irrigation winterization, and irrigation system startup company in Courtland, MN, and surrounding areas, look no further than Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota. You can reach us anytime by calling us at (507) 607-7369or by filling out our contact form. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon!