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Irrigation and Sprinkler Winterization in Mankato

Prepare Your Irrigation System for the Cold Days

OK, we said days, but everyone knows Minnesotan winters are seemingly endless. As you’re bringing out the fuzzy socks and warming up fresh apple cider from Sekapp’s, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for winterization services with Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota. Your sprinklers require some preparation before enduring blustery, snow-laden months. If left unprepared, there’s a high likelihood that pipes will freeze and burst, which can be a costly fix.

When we arrive (on time, of course) for your free inspection, we’ll conduct our 12-point System Efficiency Score (SES). This irrigation inspection will determine any leaks, problems with sensors, and opportunities for optimizing your system.

Your irrigation winterization service will then consist of:

  • Shutting off the sprinkler system’s water supply
  • Removing water left in the sprinkler system
  • Turning off the sprinkler system’s controller
  • Creating a Winterization Report
  • Providing an estimate for repairs

If there are repairs necessary, you’ll receive a flat-rate quote for the cost. You can schedule your repair visit whenever you’d like – including waiting until next year. We’ll have the quote saved for you, along with a detailed breakdown of the repairs to be done.

When Should My Sprinklers Be Winterized in Mankato?

The ideal time to have your sprinklers winterized in Mankato is early fall. You'll want to have your sprinklers and irrigation system winterized before freezing temperatures arrive.

In Mankato, the temperatures really start to dip between October and November. The earlier you winterize your sprinklers, the better to help prevent costly repairs.

When in doubt, give us a call. We'll help schedule your sprinkler winterization service around the weather.

Why Choose Conserva Irrigation of Southern Minnesota?

Did you know that it’s common for irrigation contractors to blow air through sprinkler lines until water stops coming from the next closest sprinkler head? Not every company focuses on each sprinkler head like we do, which increases the risk of freezing pipes.

We’re a team of professionals who take pride in what we do, which is why we back our work with a No Freeze Damage Guarantee™ so you’re covered through even the coldest of days. If damage somehow occurs after our winterization process, we’ll take care of the repairs at no charge.

Don’t wait too long; call (507) 607-7369 to schedule winterization services in Mankato.