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Bradenton, Florida Sprinkler System Repair

As the dry season arrives, it’s important to adjust your scheduled run time on your sprinkler system. Invest in smart irrigation technology to ensure your Bradenton, FL sprinkler system is running efficiently and effectively even during these seasonal changes. In partnering with Toro®, Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Florida utilizes smart irrigation technology to help your system run as efficiently as possible. The EVOLUTION® controller uses wireless technology that taps into over 40 years of weather data for your specific location on the properly with just one touch of a button. Our Conserva Irrigation technician will set your smart EVOLUTION® controller to adjust your spray times based on typical weather patterns. This will leave you, the homeowner feeling worry free about overwatering or underwatering your yard.

To further utilize smart irrigation technology, we will pair your Toro EVOLUTION® controller with a wireless weather sensor, precision soil sensor and precision spray nozzles. These three add-ons for your irrigation system can help address the intricacy of your yard. The wireless weather sensor uses real-time measurements of rain, sun and clouds to communicate with the controller to delay or increase the scheduled run-time on your system.

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Along with the weather sensor, the precision soil sensor communicates your yard’s soil moisture to the controller to keep track and decide whether more or less water needs to be distributed to that area of the yard. Replacing inefficient spray nozzles with Toro® precision spray nozzles will have your sprinkler system using 30-50% less water during each run time.

Helping our clients save both money and water on their lawn and landscape is very important to us at Conserva Irrigation. That’s why we offer you a complimentary comprehensive system inspection on your current irrigation system. Based on the System Efficiency Score (SES) of your property we are able to diagnose any issues that might be occurring such as broken sprinkler heads or line leaks. Homeowners that score a 75 or higher on their SES are awarded 20% off any necessary repair or upgrade costs.