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Back Flow Services

Backflow Prevention in Richmond

Prevent Water Contamination with Conserva Irrigation of Richmond

An irrigation and plumbing system that works properly will ensure your lawn is healthy and you have a supply of fresh drinking water. Every part of the system is important, and one of the key components is the backflow preventer, which prevents contaminated water from flowing back into the water supply.

Conserva Irrigation of Richmond provides certified and reliable testing for your backflow prevention system, so you can rest easy knowing no contaminated water is flowing back into your home. In many cases, the backflow preventer stops water from flowing into your county’s water supply as well. Specifically, in Virginia counties, you may be required by law to annually test your backflow preventer. These tests are performed during spring because most systems are shut off during the winter.

Technician testing the backflow set up of a irrigation system
Technician installing or repairing a backflow system

It may be time to test your system, so call (804) 312-5522 when you’re ready!

If you do need to perform an annual backflow certification test, our technicians are the best available. We ensure your preventer is functioning properly by checking for possible problems, such as:

  • Faulty valve – The backflow preventer relies on valves to allow water to pass in only one direction. So, if a valve is loose or not functioning properly, your water might become contaminated.
  • Leaking pipes – Leaks from the backflow preventer can cause it to not work as efficiently as it needs to.
  • Old components – Like every other part of your plumbing and irrigation systems, the backflow preventer wears down over time and needs replacing every few years.

Testing for malfunctioning parts on your backflow preventer is a quick process made even easier thanks to our expertly trained technicians. We also offer our certification test as part of a larger package, so you can save money while making the most of our technicians.

Looking to test your backflow prevention system in Richmond? Call (804) 312-5522 or click here to contact us online!

What to Expect At Your Backflow Testing Appointment

1. Arrive on Time

A Conserva Licensed and Certified Backflow Tester will arrive at your house when scheduled and will introduce themselves to you. If this is their first time at your property they may need to be directed to the location of the backflow device.

2. Device Testing & Grading

The technician will test the backflow device for efficacy and make note of the results on the required backflow test form.

3. Analysis

If the device passes the test, you will be informed of such and the required paperwork will be filed, if applicable. If the device fails the test, you will be approached with options to remedy the device. If no action is taken, the device will be tagged with a failure notice and shut off.

Use 60%* Less Water on Irrigation

We help homeowners become more environmentally responsible while sustaining healthy lawns.

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