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If you’re reading this, then your sprinkler system is more than likely malfunctioning in some shape or form. Not to worry, Conserva Irrigation of Richmond can help! We offer a 100% FREE sprinkler system inspection that’s guaranteed to uncover any and all inefficiencies in your irrigation system. We won’t simply come out and replace a few sprinkler heads and call it a day. We’ll fully inspect your irrigation system and properly repair it, in most cases, the very same day we arrive at your home for the inspection.

Common Irrigation System Problems

As Your Sprinkler System Caretaker™, you can count on Conserva Irrigation of Richmond to handle any and all of your irrigation needs. We offer sprinkler system repairs, sprinkler system installations, and sprinkler system maintenance. When looking for sprinkler system repair, you won’t find another company that’s as thorough and effective as us.

If you want to make sure everything’s working correctly with your irrigation system, call Conserva Irrigation of Richmond at (804) 312-5522 or fill out our contact form to schedule your complimentary sprinkler inspection.

Here’s a list of all the things that Conserva Irrigation can help you with in terms of irrigation repair:

  • System won’t turn on
  • System won’t shut off
  • Start-up / reactivation / summerization
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler controller programming
  • Vacuum breaker leaking
  • Vacuum breaker testing
  • Sprinkler system leaks
  • Dry grass
  • Grass is too wet
  • Sprinkler system tune-up / inspection
  • Weak / clogged heads
  • Zone won’t turn on
  • Zone won’t shut off
  • Upgrade controller
  • Winterization
  • Mold / mushrooms growing in your lawn from over-watering
  • Watering while it’s raining / sensor not working
  • Needs changes or repair after landscape changes
  • Dry spots dotting the side of a long driveway
  • Spraying the house or road / adjust heads

We help our customers with many more issues, but this gives you an idea of the sprinkler system repairs we address. Your sprinkler system can and should operate efficiently. After all, if it’s not working properly, you’re wasting water and you’re wasting money. Conserva Irrigation of Richmond wants to ensure your sprinkler system is only using the optimal amount of water while keeping your lawn looking lush and green. Furthermore, by partnering with Conserva and upgrading your system to smart irrigation technology, your system will use approximately 60% less water on average.

Call us today at (804) 312-5522 to claim your free sprinkler system inspection! We look forward to hearing from you!

Saving you money while saving water

Each and every repair we make to your sprinkler system will involve water conservation. Whether we need to replace sprinkler heads that are broken or leaking, repair cracked irrigation lines, move sprinkler heads to allow for proper coverage or program your sprinkler system’s controller to make sure it’s not over watering your lawn, it’s all designed to reduce your water use for irrigation. We offer the best in smart irrigation technology that will allow your sprinkler system to operate autonomously and reduce water used for irrigation by up to 60%!

Common serviced areas in Richmond: