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The Benefits of an Efficient Sprinkler System for Spring Landscapes

Sprinkler Watering Flowers
Sprinkler Watering Flowers

Spring is here, and it’s a time for renewal. As the days grow longer in Chattanooga, you’ll be spending more time outside. That means you’ll want your spring landscape in top shape. One of the best ways to ensure that is with a sprinkler system that’s efficient and effective.

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A lush, healthy lawn requires attention to keep it that way. A key ingredient to this is an irrigation system, as the most crucial component is adequate water. If your sprinkler system isn’t in working order, needs summerization, or if you’re looking to install one, you can reap these benefits.

Sprinkler System Benefits: How to Get and Maintain a Healthy Yard

There are many advantages to using an eco-friendly smart irrigation system. One that’s at the top of the list is ensuring each part of your yard gets the right amount of water.

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With smart irrigation, it includes three components—a controller, weather sensor, and soil sensor. The sensors gather information regarding the soil saturation and expected weather. They then communicate this to the controller. It then dictates which zones receive water. As a result, the system conserves water and lowers utility bills. You won’t have to worry about over-watering, which could degrade the lushness of your lawn.

Further, the sprinkler system does all the work for you. You don’t have to worry about manual watering or guess how much your lawn needs. Plus, we program the system for you, so you don’t have to manage it.

Considering Your First Irrigation System this Spring? What’s the Process?

If you don’t currently have sprinklers, you may be wondering how you can achieve a better-looking lawn.

Prepare your Sprinkler System for the Season Now

Our installation services include designing a system that works for your yard. We only use solutions that offer precise watering. We consider precipitation rate, percolation rate, soil type, slope, and the sun/shade configuration. When we install your irrigation system, you’ll use 40%-60% less water than traditional ones.

It’s an investment that adds value to your property, reduces the work you have to do, and allows you to enjoy beautiful green grass all spring and summer.

Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for Spring?

Sprinklers are dormant during the cold months and require summerization before they are ready to water again. This process is critical to ensuring your system works properly and delivers the benefits you expect. Getting your sprinkler ready for spring in Chattanooga includes:

  • Inspecting for any leaks or worn-out valves
  • Sprinkler misalignment checks with adjustments if necessary
  • Turning on the water
  • Testing all sensors
  • Programming the controller to water optimally and optimize root development by zone
  • Reviewing the system’s overall efficiency

Conserva Chattanooga performs this in-depth assessment on sprinklers we install and those installed by others. At the end, we’ll provide our findings and what repairs may be necessary. If your irrigation system is much older, we may recommend a replacement for better performance this spring and all the years to come.

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Now’s the Time to Care for and Prepare Your Spring Landscape

It’s the season for sprinklers to awaken from their winter slumber. You’ll want to get them ready for the sunny days ahead. If you’re considering an irrigation install, spring is the ideal time for this.

No matter your sprinkler needs, we can help. Call 423-401-9517 to schedule your appointment today.

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