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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing, Replacements, and Rebuilds in Chattanooga

Chattanooga residences and businesses with an irrigation system, you need to test your backflow device, also called a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), or reduced pressure zone value (RPZ) annually before turning it back on in the spring. Beyond annual testing, you’ll need to rebuild your backflow every five years. Many local water companies require this in Chattanooga, and you’ll need a backflow inspector.

Conserva Chattanooga Is a TN State Certified Backflow Tester

Conserva Chattanooga offers all backflow related services, testing, replacements, and rebuilds. Our TN state certified backflow technicians have the experience and expertise to deliver quality and affordable backflow services. We can perform these services on any irrigation system, including those we didn’t install.

We are licensed for backflow testing with the following Chattanooga area water companies:

  • Tennessee American Water
  • East Side Utility
  • Savannah Valley Utility District
  • Signal Mountain Utility
  • Walden Ridge Utility
Technician testing the backflow set up of a irrigation system
Technician installing or repairing a backflow system

What Is Backflow? Why Do You Need a Backflow Device?

Fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals for lawn care eventually end up in your irrigation system. This becomes a problem if you experience a backflow, which is a reversal of water that occurs if a water line’s pressure drops. If this happens, those contaminants can end up in the potable water supply. A backflow device prevents contamination, keeping drinking water safe. These mechanisms are necessary at every cross-section in all water systems, including residential and commercial systems.

broken irrigation

During the winter months, the backflow device can freeze like other components of your sprinkler system. The State of Tennessee requires paperwork from the water company to ensure your backflow device is operating well, and there are no concerns with water quality.

Keep Your Drinking Water Safe: Backflow Testing and Services for Chattanooga

Backflow testing is an essential part of turning your irrigation system back on after the winter. Before you do this, reach out to our team to schedule your backflow testing. During the backflow inspection, our technicians will either pass the system or identify necessary repairs. Should you need backflow repairs, we can typically fix it at the same appointment. Once everything is in good working order, you can use your sprinklers again with no concerns for contamination. We’ll then file the paperwork with the water company.

Contact Us Today for Backflow Testing
If you need backflow testing, repairs, or rebuilds, we’re ready to help. Call us today or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule your appointment

What to Expect At Your Backflow Testing Appointment

1. Arrive on Time

A Conserva Licensed and Certified Backflow Tester will arrive at your house when scheduled and will introduce themselves to you. If this is their first time at your property they may need to be directed to the location of the backflow device.

2. Device Testing & Grading

The technician will test the backflow device for efficacy and make note of the results on the required backflow test form.

3. Analysis

If the device passes the test, you will be informed of such and the required paperwork will be filed, if applicable. If the device fails the test, you will be approached with options to remedy the device. If no action is taken, the device will be tagged with a failure notice and shut off.

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