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Posts From 2022

  • drip emitter with flowing water
    Watering Needs for Fall Plants
    It’s fall y'all! How do we know? The foliage of course! Not only are the trees’ leaves turning beautiful autumnal tones, but as you drive down your neighborhood street you’re noticing the neighbors’ ...
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  • What to Consider When Hiring a Certified Irrigator
    When it comes to starting the process of researching a contractor to work on your home, what do you do? Probably a Google search. Check different contractor’s reviews. Talk to your neighbors about ...
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  • Hand adjusting sprinkler
    Smart Irrigation Month
    Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month & Become a H2O Hero July is Smart Irrigation Month - an initiative founded by the Irrigation Association to educate the public on the benefits of irrigation ...
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  • Home with Lush Green Lawn
    Timing Matters
    The Time of Day that you Water your Lawn Makes a Difference When it comes to maintaining a green and lush lawn, there are a lot of things to consider. Fertilizer. Grass type. Weather conditions. And ...
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  • Puddles of Water in Lawn
    3 Signs That You're Overwatering
    Could you be over watering your lawn? Here’s how to tell. It’s summertime. It’s hot. So, naturally your first inclination might be to water your lawn as much as possible to ensure it doesn't go ...
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