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Smart Irrigation Month

Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month & Become a H2O Hero

July is Smart Irrigation Month - an initiative founded by the Irrigation Association to educate the public on the benefits of irrigation technologies, products and services. As the only irrigation company founded on the premise of saving water, this month of irrigation awareness and advocacy is right up Conserva’s alley!

In support of Smart Irrigation Month, we’re encouraging our teams and customers to be H2O Heroes by celebrating how we’re saving water outside.

Inefficient irrigation systems are the #1 contributor to water waste on a residential property. An average of 2,500 gallons of water are used any time your irrigation system runs, but it may only need half of that.

Here’s how you can make your irrigation smarter, waste less water (and money) – and become a #H2Ohero.

Conserving Water Starts with the Right Products

Unfortunately, too many sprinkler systems are set it and forget it. You set the timer, it runs at its noted times and that’s it. That’s a recipe for water waste. Smart irrigation is founded on the idea of using the right technologies and solutions to water your landscape when it’s needed and for how long it’s needed.

The three main components of a Smart Irrigation System are:

  • Weather Sensors. Nothing frustrates us more than seeing sprinklers running when it’s raining or just has rained. That’s all wasted water. A weather or rain sensor is one way to let your controller know if the system needs to be run.
  • Soil Sensors. Soil sensors measure the water levels present in your ground. If your soil is already saturated, why add more water? That will not only lead to water waste but pooling in your yard as well.
  • Smart controller. Ideally, weather and soil sensors should communicate with a smart irrigation controller. The controller can tell the system when it needs to run and for how long.

In addition to these three smart irrigation technologies, using the right sprinkler nozzles and rotor heads to provide an even output of water will cut down on the waste on your property.


The Right Design Makes for Reduced Water Waste

Smart Irrigation goes beyond just the products that are used, it’s also how the system is laid out to begin with. Sprinkler zones should be designed to water entire areas, and minimize any overlap. Smart zones = water waste eliminated.

Growth and change in landscapes over time may result in needed updates to your irrigation system design. If areas of your property are dry or over-saturated with water (the ground may feel spongy), or you have sprinklers spraying your house or trees, contact your local Conserva office.

Efficient Irrigation Systems are All About the Right Team

Things happen to irrigation systems: sprinkler heads break, lines get leaks, adjustments need to be made. To increase the efficiency of your irrigation system, and to becomes a H2O Hero, you need a proactive team behind you. Enter Conserva.

For new clients, our trained team members inspect your property and evaluate what’s currently there, providing you with our System Efficiency Score (SES). Our SES is a system of noting which areas of your irrigation system need attention and which are working properly for you. We’ll provide you a write up on recommendations and their associated costs.

For existing clients, we offer our proactive maintenance packages. From 2 to 12 visits a year (depending on package and location), Conserva will check the efficiency and effectiveness of your system – ensuring green grass and less water waste.

Now help us celebrate Smart Irrigation Month and become an H2O hero! Contact your local Conserva office today.