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Smart Irrigation in Highland Heights, Ohio

smart irrigation system
smart irrigation system

Wouldn’t it be nice if you nearly never had to look at your irrigation system again? Smart irrigation technology is designed to operate autonomously, without the need for any human intervention. We use the Hunter Hydrawise smart controller that utilizes predictive watering to ensure your lawn and landscape only receive the perfect amount of irrigation and not a single drop more. This will not only ensure that your grass looks great, but that also that you are using less water to keep your grass lush and green. For anything and everything smart irrigation in Highland Heights, OH, call Conserva Irrigation of Northern Ohio at (440) 510-3462.


What are the benefits of smart irrigation for your lawn and water bill?

Smart irrigation systems use up to 60% less water and keep your lawn looking great. This means the health of your lawn will be improved and you’ll use less water to keep it that way. It’s a win-win! Using the optimal amount of water is beneficial to your lawn in that your roots will have time to properly develop and/or adjust during times when there is less precipitation. This means that your lawn will be better suited to handling the common summertime stressors of increased temperatures and less precipitation. Furthermore, this is the case when you’re planning on overseeding your lawn. You’ll experience less runoff and your grass seed will have the perfect amount of irrigation.


In addition to smart controllers, we also can employ water-efficient irrigation spray nozzles and rotors. Upon the installation of these, we’ll ensure that your system has the best coverage possible and will even take into account the slope of your lawn and the sun/shade exposure for specific areas. We are the premier smart irrigation company in Highland Heights, OH, and surrounding areas. After all, we’re known in the irrigation industry as Your Sprinkler System Caretakers™. No matter how complex your existing irrigation system is, you can count on Conserva Irrigation to ensure that it’s operating both efficiently and effectively.

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