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Smart Technology in your Smart Irrigation System Installation in Watchung, NJ

smart irrigation installation

Every day, there are new advancements in technology everywhere. From new ways that we control the heating and cooling in our homes to the constant improvements in AI technology online, there is rarely a place that doesn’t feature some kind of smart technology. This is especially true with advanced irrigation systems to not only properly water your plant life but have the capabilities to alert you in the event of a failure, such as a broken pipe. To get the most out of your smart irrigation system installation in Watchung, NJ, you will need to include a few crucial accessories.

Conserva Irrigation Smart Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation Technology That is Both Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Conserva Irrigation of Central New Jersey employs smart irrigation technology to assist you in maintaining a healthy and beautiful environment while minimizing water waste. We install innovative sprinkler systems that save more water than any other system on the market today because of our unique partnership with Toro®, the world leader in innovative irrigation technology. Each of our vehicles is fully stocked with Toro® products to allow us to quickly manage any irrigation repairs. When collaborating with customers to repair and upgrade their current systems for efficiency, they often notice a 40-60% decrease in water usage.

hunter hydrawise smart irrigation

Smart Controllers for Your Smart Irrigation System Installation in Watchung, NJ

Conserva Irrigation of Central New Jersey employs two highly efficient smart controllers to operate your smart irrigation system. When you schedule your smart irrigation system installation in Watchung, NJ, you will have the option of choosing the Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi controller, the Hunter Pro-HC Controller, or the EVOLUTION® Controller. Each of these powerful controllers is capable of accessing the internet and updating its watering schedule based on weather patterns.

With any smart irrigation system controller, you will be able to control these powerful systems from your phone, or smart home device, like Amazon Alexa. You’ll be able to quickly tell your system what you need it to do while sitting on your couch!

weather sensor smart irrigation

Sensors for Increased Precision

When you look at the weather, it is common to get conflicting reports. Notifications such as “60% chance of rain in your area” often conflict with “30% chance,” so how accurate is that for your smart irrigation system? The failsafe for your irrigation is twofold.

Your first line of protection is a wireless weather sensor or rain sensor. These sensors will accurately track weather patterns directly around your home and provide detailed updates that are keyed into your location. When paired with a soil sensor, your system will be able to accurately tell just how much water your roots are getting and adjust your watering schedule to provide exactly the amount you need before stopping.

When you set your system up with sensors from our product partnerships, you can be sure that you will be getting up-to-date, powerful products that will help keep your lawn looking beautiful with exactly the amount of water required.

smart irrigation system

When looking for expert smart irrigation system installation in Watchung, NJ, Conserva Irrigation of Central New Jersey is the company to call. We provide a free sprinkler system inspection to all new clients, which you may obtain by calling us at (732) 253-4598 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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