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Irrigation Repair

Sprinkler Repair in St. Joseph, MI

Sprinkler repair is necessary when the sprinklers are not functioning as they should. This could be due to clogged nozzles, broken pipes, worn-out parts or other malfunctions that prevent your system from working properly. Regular maintenance and inspections can help catch any potential problems before they become too severe and costly to fix. Additionally, if you notice a decrease in water pressure or uneven coverage of water across your lawn then it may be time for repairs as well.

Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Michigan is at your service to make sure you get the most life out of your sprinkler system with expert repairs and maintenance. We offer maintenance packages to have your system checked either annually or bi-annually to catch any potential problems before they become severe or upgrade your system entirely at a discount!

Signs that your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

A damaged sprinkler system can be identified by several signs. These include:

  • visible leaks or wet spots in the yard
  • water pressure that is lower than normal
  • an increase in your water bill without a corresponding increase in usage
  • rusting components on the exterior of the system

In addition to these physical signs of damage, you may also experience issues with coverage and uneven distribution of water throughout your lawn. If any of these symptoms are present it is likely time for repairs or replacement parts for your sprinkler system.

Why Choose Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Michiganfor Irrigation Repair Services?

At Conserva Irrigation of Southwest Michigan, we're experts in sprinkler repair & maintenance while always prioritizing water conservation - it's in the name! Irrigation problems can be hard to detect, which is why you need our irrigation repair company on your side for reliable diagnosis and repair service. Don't wait for issues to build up and get worse - contact us right away to schedule your sprinkler repair service!

Do you need professional irrigation repair? Let us help you by calling (269) 225-6774 or reach out online to request service!