Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair

Save Money and Water Simultaneously

Irrigation systems require a little TLC to keep working efficiently and effectively. Neglected systems can lead to both dry lawns and landscapes as well as properties that are saturated with water, wasting this precious resource. Enter Conserva Irrigation.

Conserva Irrigation’s free 12-point system inspection pinpoint any issues your system may have, be it broken sprinkler heads, leaks in the water lines, control issues, etc. We’ll explain each piece and let you know how we can repair it.

Some irrigation repairs can be done on the spot. For instance, our technicians can fix a broken sprinkler head in just a few minutes and travel with the necessary parts to do so. Larger repairs may require a second trip, but as your irrigation specialists, we’re happy to it. Our goal is to provide our clients with a beautiful, green property that minimizes water waste, and we stand by that.

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Saving Money

Once your sprinkler system is running as it should, without any leaks or breaks, as well as the proper amount of water being dispensed into each of your yard’s zones, there’s a direct correlation between your system’s performance and the money you save. It’s actually quite simple – less water used means less expensive water bills. Most of our clients see a water reduction of 40% or more with an efficient system. Over the course of an entire season of watering your lawn, just one leak could waste as much as 20,000 gallons of water. That’s only one leak, what if you have three or four? If you notice water pooling around one or more of your sprinkler heads, or anywhere else in your yard, you have a problem which needs to be fixed.

Saving Water

Many of us attempt to reduce our water bills by utilizing a low-flow shower head, reducing showering time or purchasing a low-flow toilet. All of these certainly do help in a reduction of water usage. This is highly commendable, however, are you forgetting one of the largest users of water – your home’s irrigation system? If you have a weakened irrigation system, then you could be draining a small lake’s worth of water during the course of an entire season. Now, think of the amount of water wasted over the course of a couple of years and think of the environmental impact. Alarming, right?

Take responsibility with us to save water today and call Conserva Irrigation today at (804) 353-6999 or email us to schedule your free 12-point lawn inspection.