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Protect Your Sprinkler System With Winterizations from Conserva Irrigation of NWLA

Your sprinkler system is a major investment in your property and protecting your irrigation system is paramount at Conserva Irrigation of NWLA. The best way to protect your system is through regular and preventative system maintenance. In preparation for the cooler months it is always very important to winterize your irrigation system. With just one call to (318) 242-8271 you can have peace of mind all winter that your system is protected and will be ready to go when the warm weather returns.

Our winterizations are designed to protect your entire system for the harsh weather during the cold months. Cooling temperatures can cause damage in many ways including broken sprinkler heads, broken valves and busted water lines. When you schedule a winterization from Conserva Irrigation of NWLA our certified technicians will always:

  • Turn off the water supply & controller to your sprinkler system
  • Assess the condition of your sprinkler system
  • Create a customized Winterization Report
  • Leave an estimate for repairs with flat-rate quotes
  • Answer all of your questions in preparation for winter & next spring
  • Give you confidence with our No Freeze Damage Guarantee

No Freeze Damage Guarantee™

Every winterization we do comes with our exclusive No Freeze Damage Guarantee™. What does this mean? Well, Conserva Irrigation of NWLA area guarantees that after we properly winterize your sprinkler system then there will be no damage as a result form freezing temperatures. In the very rare situation that damage does occur then we will come fix the problem at absolutely no cost to you.

Some exclusions included but not limited to are:

  • The irrigation system was not winterized prior to freezing temperatures
  • The vacuum breaker assembly was not built correctly
  • A zone would not operate properly, nor could the valve be located

Your Winterization Report will note any exclusions and exceptions.

What You Should Know About Sprinkler System Irrigation Winterizations

  • We will completely cover everything for you even if you are not home during the winterization. All we need at Conserva is access to the controller and the water shut-off valve. We highly encourage that you run your system several times before the winterization if the weather has been drying to allow your turf and plant material to be fully soaked before shutting off your system for the winter.
  • We will take the time to flag every sprinkler head in preparation for the aeration company to ensure no damage occurs to the sprinkler heads and valve boxes.
  • The best time of year depends on when the first frost is scheduled. Typically, we begin to winterize in early October through December. It is very important to have your system winterized before the temperatures consistently fall below 32° Fahrenheit to avoid freeze damage to your irrigation system — especially for the above ground plumbing.

Don’t wait until it is too late for a proper winterization and risk costly repairs in the Spring. Speak with one of our certified technicians about scheduling your winterization. We look forward to hearing from you!

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