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Sprinkler System Repair in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

Once you're ready to get your yard into shape for the spring, or planning to aerate and plant grass seed, how well is your home's irrigation system working? Do you know if you're watering each area of your yard for the correct amount of time? Are you watering too much, too little, does your sprinkler system have a drinking problem? If you're unsure if your sprinkler system is operating correctly, then just call the local sprinkler system repair experts at Conserva Irrigation of North Oklahoma City.

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Conserva Irrigation offers a 100% free sprinkler system efficiency evaluation. Through evaluating your home's sprinkler system, from top to bottom, we'll be able to point out key areas that are wasting water - and ultimately wasting your money. Through smart irrigation technology and upgrading your sprinkler system's heads and timer, you can expect to see a reduction in water used for irrigation purposes by 40%!

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In addition to saving water and money through smart irrigation, your yard will also thank you. Smart irrigation technology will ensure that your yard never receives too much or too little saturation. This will result in a healthier root structure and, ultimately, a lush, green lawn all year long. To find out why we're the most trusted name in Nichols Hills, OK sprinkler system repair, call us today at 405-896-5739 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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