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Atlanta Sprinkler Winterization: What to Know

Atlanta Sprinkler Winterization

Now that summer is slowly coming to a close, we can once again turn our attention to the relief of cooler weather. Our lawns are looking forward to the change, too. Georgia summers are very hot, as anyone who has been in the South knows, and the heat can take a toll on our landscaping without a sufficient supply of moisture. When August and September roll around, the drier season is in full swing, but relief is on the way.

Milder temperatures will bring relief to our lawns and outdoor enjoyment, but there are some maintenance tasks you need to handle. If you own a sprinkler system, whether from Conserva Irrigation or another brand, sprinkler winterization is an important step to take to safeguard your system’s longevity. What makes this task so important? There are a few reasons.

Why Atlanta sprinkler winterization is essential this season

While some might wonder why you need to clear water from your sprinkler system, it is important to understand how water can, ironically, be hazardous for your installation. In the summer months when the weather is warm, water flows easily and without obstruction. However, when winter comes around, water has the potential to freeze and expand, threatening to burst pipes. This is where we come in. In our winterization process, we will:

  • Turn off the system’s water supply
  • Remove residual water from the sprinkler system
  • Assess your system’s condition
  • And more!

Failing to winterize a sprinkler system can have profound consequences and can even result in expansive property damage. From flooding your property to damaging the foundation of your home, a broken sprinkler system is downright hazardous, and it is important you take the necessary steps to protect your sprinklers from winter’s icy grasp.

Atlanta sprinkler winterization from the professionals

At Conserva Irrigation, we’ve worked for years to ensure our neighbors have the necessary resources to defend their sprinkler system’s integrity. And that’s not all. We offer maintenance services as well as cutting-edge installations that are built to dramatically reduce water waste, saving you money in the process. Our holistic approach to sprinkler system services means that whatever challenge your sprinkler system encounters, we have the tools and ability to fix it.

Colder weather is on the way. An Atlanta sprinkler winterization from Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta is essential for safeguarding your sprinkler system’s integrity. Give us a call at (678) 921-3638!

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