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What Can Happen if Your Sprinklers Aren’t Winterized?

Here’s a question for you: as a general rule of thumb, when things are heated they expand, and when they are cooled they contract, right? While this is a concept many learn quite young, this rule has some exceptions that can be dramatic. For example, when you put a liquid within a closed container into a freezer, you’ll soon find that the container has either warped or cracked from the liquid expanding within the ice box as it transitions into a solid.

You may have seen this phenomenon firsthand, but why does water expand when it drops below freezing? The reason lies in water’s crystallization. To transition from a liquid into a solid, water takes on a crystalline structure that can only form when its molecules become more spread out. As the molecules create space for themselves and form rigid bonds, the overall water body expands, pushing against its container and potentially breaking it.

You’re probably wondering, “why the science lesson?” The answer is: The same process occurs within sprinkler systems during the winter, sometimes resulting in irreversible damage. Sprinkler systems aren’t something you want to risk endangering. You invested significant money to install a quality irrigation system, and cold weather poses a real danger to it. It is your responsibility to defend the longevity of your sprinkler system, but don’t worry too much. At Conserva Irrigation, we specialize in irrigation solutions, including a winterization process that is relevant to systems we’ve installed, as well as those from other brands. Let us help you maintain your sprinkler system’s health this winter!

Duluth sprinkler winterization is an important consideration this season

At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we take great pride in our winterization process. For a full winterization, we will: Assess your sprinkler system’s integrity, turn off the system’s water supply, and most importantly will remove water that may still reside within the piping.

As you can probably imagine, there are a few downsides to a catastrophic break in your sprinkler piping. Among the first that comes to mind is flooding. In subterranean sprinkler systems, it can take a while for evidence of a break to appear aboveground, and by that time water may have infiltrated deep into your property. Water in surplus can be a very bad thing, and it can even compromise your home’s foundation! This is all without mentioning the costs that accompany a sprinkler system break. Don’t wait on sprinkler winterization. The hit to your wallet can be significant!

For sprinkler solutions that are trusted throughout the Atlanta area, trust the professionals at Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta. The source for Duluth sprinkler winterizations. Give us a call at (678) 921-3684.

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