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How Should I Schedule My Georgia Lawn Care Maintenance Calendar?

grass with the sun shining over it
grass with the sun shining over it

Especially at this time of year, the advent of spring is clearly a time for new growth and new beginnings. And one of the places this is most evident is outside your front door and throughout your backyard.

Your Lawn Care Schedule Should Start With Conserva Irrigation Expertise

Activating your lawn care irrigation schedule for spring is critical to having a healthy lawn, and that is why your best move is to entrust that chore to Conserva Irrigation.

"Summerization" refers to this key Atlanta lawn care task.

In order to thrive all year long, your Atlanta lawn and landscape need different amounts of specific nutrients during the spring and the fall.

Summerization is our process of preparing your lawn for hotter months by ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your sprinkler system here in Atlanta.

Thankfully, Conserva Irrigation is fully equipped to help you maintain your lawn all summer.

When we "Summerize" your lawn irrigation system, here is the initial lawn care schedule step:

1. Turn on the water and controller.

2. Program the controller to conserve water and optimize root development zone by zone.

3. Test all sensors.

4. Inspect and adjust all heads.

5. Complete a free Comprehensive system efficiency analysis.

6. Flag any problem areas and report them to you.

When preparing your sprinkler system for summer, our skilled technicians will ensure that your lawn stays hydrated and healthy through the heat.

Where To Find Your Lawn Care Schedule Expert Throughout North Atlanta

If you live in any of these lawn care schedule areas, you're in luck. It would be our pleasure to nurture your lawn today and throughout the year with our suite of lawn care services.














Flowery Branch










Peachtree Corners







What Lawn Care Should I Follow?

1. After we visit your home and inspect and activate your Atlanta irrigation system, prepare for trimming your lawn by sharpening your mower blade. Sharp blades ensure a clean, consistent cut for optimal lawn growth.

2. Remove any weeds that may have popped up since your last lawn care season to prevent new ones.

3. Enrich your lawn care schedule with fertilization in late spring after your lawn has turned green and started active growth for the new growing season.

4. Follow recommended days, times, and irrigation frequencies determined best for your Atlanta area home by our Conserva Irrigation professional lawn care expert.

Proper Atlanta lawn care depends on your lawn's type of grass. Bermuda Grass, Centipede Grass, St. Augustine Grass, Fescue Grass, and Zoysia Grass lawn care calendar guidelines can be found here under "Lawn Calendars," in cooperation with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Atlanta Lawn Care Starts And Continues With Conserva Irrigation – America's Most Trusted Lawn Care Brand

At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, our irrigation technician experts show up on time, look professional, behave professionally, and treat your lawn with meticulous attention as if it was their own.

They focus on you, your needs, and your property. We promise you'll have a positive interaction with our technicians each and every time.

Whether we are on your property for a quick repair or a few days for a large irrigation installation, our team will treat your home and landscape as if it were our own.

Call our team today if you are ready to start your summer with the healthiest lawn on the block! When you choose Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta as your sprinkler system partner, you can trust we'll help you keep your irrigation system running efficiently and effectively – a promise our lawn care clients will attest to.

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