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The Hidden Complexities of Your Irrigation Systems’ Electrical Components

Have you ever thought about the electrical requirements for running an irrigation system? It might not seem like an important part of a system that’s sole purpose is water-related, but there are important electrical components that need to be wired into your home.

If you’ve ever opened your sprinkler valve box, you might have noticed electrical wiring. These various complex components of your irrigation system are why it is so vital for you to have a certified and licensed irrigation technician working on your system. In fact, there is a requirement by the State of Georgia that irrigation valve and timer installers have to have a Low Voltage General license – which we do!

Irrigation Electricity Repairscomplex electrical requirements for irrigation systems

Is your aging sprinkler system having electrical issues? When we arrive on site where an unknown repair is needed, or an electrical issue is suspected we come prepared to tackle a challenge. Electrical wiring can be extremely complex. We never know what we’re going to find when we open a breaker box or a controller.

And we all know that electricity and water are not a great combination – so safety is of the utmost importance.

Our commercial irrigation clients specifically have complex electrical wiring and should mention that on the phone when inquiring about irrigation service. Some sprinkler repair technicians are not equipped with the knowledge, experience, or parts to tackle a big complex electrical challenge.

How to Tie My Irrigation System into My Home’s Electricity

You shouldn’t. Whenever you have a home project that requires electrical wiring, it is vital that you hire a professional. Our technicians are highly experienced and will ensure that your system is wired properly and safely. We also make sure your system is properly grounded to avoid surges from electrical storms.

If you suspect an electrical issue with your sprinkler system, call Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta today. Our team is prepared to handle anything they might find when they open your valve box.

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