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Summer Storms: Is Your Irrigation System Protected from Lightning?

Summer is upon us. In North Atlanta, that means heat, periods of drought, and then big heavy thunderstorms. While this summer has already seen more rain than usual, the summer heat is sure to brew up the more stormy weather in June, July, and August.

Did you know that lightning is one of the top causes of sprinkler system damage?

Irrigation Controller Lightning DamageIt may not be the first thing you think of when you worry about lightning damage at your home, but your irrigation system could suffer real damage. See the photo to the right. This irrigation system controller was destroyed by lightning. You might think it was struck by lightning, but that is not the case. Lightning struck the ground, traveled through the valve, and blew the controller right off the post. A major water leak occurred because the valve was left wide-open after the lightning went through it. In a residential scenario, this could happen in the same exact way, but the controller that is usually on your garage wall would be in pieces on your garage floor.

Is your sprinkler system grounded?

If your sprinkler system is not grounded properly, a strike of lightning on the ground nearby could cause significant damage, costing you a large sprinkler repair bill. If you don’t know if your sprinkler system is grounded, please call us today. (678) 921-3684 We’ll be happy to come out and check out your system to protect you from potential summer storm damage.

Post-storm tip: After a storm has passed through, please check your controller, make sure it is intact and functioning on the wall of your garage. Also, take a quick walk through your property once the rain lets up, look for any leaks or geysers. If you should see any issues at all, call the experts at Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we handle sprinkler system repairs of all sizes.

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