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Sprinkler System Smart Irrigation Tips

Seven Smart Settings for Smart Irrigation & a Stunning Landscape

Are you unsure how to set your North Atlanta sprinkler system controller for the most efficient irrigation possible? Deploying the right settings can conserve water and save you money!

Toro Evolution Smart ControllerWhile we adjust programming and sprinkler heads for our clients, we want you to be in the know. This will not only help you change settings if needed but will give you the tools and knowledge to spot an issue that might need addressing. Here are seven smart tips for setting your sprinkler system for the most efficient watering and lush landscape possible.

What soil type are you watering?

Different soils types absorb water at different rates. If your soil cannot absorb quickly enough, you will waste a great deal of water with runoff. Adjust your watering times and schedule accordingly.

Schedule each zone differently.

There could be a large variation in factors between each of your watering zones. Different sun or shade exposure, different soil types, different elevations and so on. Schedule each irrigation appropriately and to fit its unique needs.

Adjust sprinkler coverage.

Don’t let sprinkler heads water sidewalks, driveways, buildings, or patios — keep the water on the grass and landscape to avoid water waste.

What time should you water your lawn and landscape?

Water when the sun is low, the wind is calm, and temperatures are cool to prevent loss to evaporation (you can lose up to 30% to evaporation during the heat of the day). We advise early morning watering.

Schedule shorter watering periods more often.

Did you know your lawn will absorb the water better if you choose three 5-minute watering periods instead of one 15-minute period? Schedule this through your irrigation controller for a no hassle more efficient watering and healthier lawn.

Only water when needed.

Healthy lawns are watered just right. Too much water can be as bad as too little water and can lead to weed growth, disease, fungus, and shallow roots.

Adjust your controller for the seasons.

Don’t just set it and forget it. Become familiar with your irrigation controller and adjust it for the seasons accordingly. Cooler seasons require less water, etc. Upgrade to a smart irrigation controller to allow for automatic adjustments, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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