More Ways to Save Water with Changes in Landscaping

More Ways to Save Water with Changes in Landscaping

drought-resistant lavender plantAt Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we use SMART Irrigation technology to help you use only the precise amount of water you need to keep your lawn and landscape lush and healthy. For most home and business owners, this results in a huge reduction in water use compared to their previous system set up. While utilizing the latest irrigation technology goes a long way in conserving water and saving you money, there are a great deal of things you can do in your landscape design to help reduce water needs even further.

Enjoy our top landscaping ideas for a water-wise garden and lawn:

  1. Explore drought-resistant plants that don’t need much water. Lavender and prostrate rosemary are fantastic low-water shrubs. Incorporate succulents and ornamental grasses (such as blue fescue) that are hardy in dry, hot weather.
  2. Choose the best grass for your yard. There are many types of grass that are better for heat and drought than others. Depending on the sun and shade exposure, be sure to choose the best grass for your property.
  3. Add shade trees. If you are living in a newer home, you might be looking at a bare property when it comes to trees and landscaping. Invest in planting shade trees to protect the rest of your landscape from drying out too easily. This will have the additional benefit of allowing it to hold on to moisture even more after you irrigate.
  4. Hardscaping. Use more hardscaping to reduce the amount of lawn that needs watering. Be careful with this, if you have drainage issues on your property, reducing permeable space can cause more drainage issues. If you can use gravel and permeable pavers that is better in the North Atlanta region.

Remember, while keeping a lawn and landscape healthy can take significant water resources in the summer months, it is important to keep the ecosystem balanced with living vegetation. If you have any questions about how to use less water on your landscape, feel free to call us anytime. (678) 921-3684 We offer sprinkler repairs, upgrades, and installations that can reduce your water bill significantly.


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