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What Sustainable Outdoor Solutions Are There Beyond My SMART Sprinkler System?

We’re glad you asked. By installing one of our Smart Irrigation Systems, you have already begun the journey of making your landscapes sustainable. We have been asked by our customers how to further make their home as green as they can, and we are happy to say we have some innovative and effective solutions that can enhance your home’s eco-friendliness.

Sustainable Solutions for Your Landscaping

undefinedEnjoy our list of some great options for sustainable landscaping solutions:

  • LED Lighting – LED Lighting is a very sustainable way of illuminating your landscapes in the evening. LED Lighting can be used to light up your walkways, stairways, home, and even your greenery. Light-emitting diodes use a very minimal amount of electricity, and LED bulbs have an 80,000-hour lifespan, making them a very sustainable solution to your landscape lighting needs.
  • Permeable Pavers – Consider replacing any concrete or asphalt portions of your landscaping with permeable pavers. Permeable pavers allow water to filter through them and into the ground, meaning your landscape will absorb more rainwater. This also helps prevent flooding and dirty runoff water from polluting natural water sources.
  • Soil Testing – Getting your soil tested will allow you to know what types of soil are where in your landscape and how to effectively and efficiently enrich and treat it.
  • Harvesting Rainwater – Collecting rainwater through rainwater harvesting can help conserve the water you use for landscaping. Harvested rainwater can be stored in barrels or cisterns and then be incorporated into your irrigation system. Be sure to check with local regulations before attempting to implement rainwater harvesting.
  • Green Walls – Implementing green walls, that is walls of vegetation, into your landscape is a way to improve your landscaping aesthetics and even keep interior temperatures down by putting green walls against structures.
  • Slow Release Fertilizer – Using slow-release fertilizers aid in keeping your soil quality higher. They have low salt indexes and do not require as much watering.
  • Aerating and Mulch – Regularly aerating your soil and adding a base layer to it will allow your plants to grow deeper roots and the soil to retain more nutrients.

If you love these ideas, but don’t yet have a SMART irrigation system, contact Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta today at (678) 921-3684. With repairs, upgrades, and additions, we can transform existing sprinkler systems to be more efficient. We are your best local choice for SMART irrigation in Johns Creek, Milton, Alpharetta and all of North Atlanta.

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