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Water Conservation

Conserva Receives 2018 Irrigation Association Vanguard Award

36 Million Gallons of Water Saved

Just from the Target stores we have served!

Target LogoThe Vanguard Award from the Irrigation Association,honors an innovative project execution within the irrigation industry.

Conserva Irrigation was awarded the Vanguard Award in 2018 for our work with the Target Corporation. Target embarked on a pilot program with us to find out if meaningful water savings could be achieved by awarding their irrigation services to irrigation experts instead of keeping it bundled with their other outdoor commercial maintenance providers.

After four pilot stages, including over 320 stores nationwide, Target has saved more than 36 million gallons of water.

What do 36 million gallons of water look like?

A few examples to give you perspective.

  1. Remember that Rio Olympics swimming pool that turned green? That pool holds almost one million gallons of water. So, more than 36 of those!
  2. The average bathtub holds 50 gallons of water. So 720,000 bathtubs full.
  3. The average household uses about 300 gallons of water per day. Target effectively saved enough water to serve 120,000 homes for a day!

Irrigation Association LogoWith the opening of hundreds of more Conserva locations nationwide and our quickly growing residential and commercial client list, I’d say it is not unreasonable that we can conserve enough fresh water to fill Lake Lanier! Lake Lanier holds 637 billion gallons of water. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know when we reach our goal.

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