Can You Get Off The Water Meter To Save Money?

Can You Get Off The Water Meter To Save Money?

Atlanta, Georgia has one of the highest water costs of any American city. With dry, hot summers, your irrigation system is likely the largest portion of that expense at your home. At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, our goal is to build, repair, and adjust local sprinkler systems to be as efficient as possible while still maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape. Our efforts are to conserve water, but also to save our friends and neighbors money. But with dry hot summers, sometimes your sprinkler system has a lot of precipitation to replace – still costing a great deal in summer months. Have you considered taking your irrigation system off the meter?

Lake At SunsetAt Conserva, we are always looking for ways to conserve freshwater resources and save you cash. For this reason, we offer centrifugal pump conversions. There are two types we can install; a shallow well and pump system or a lake centrifugal pump system.

Well and Pump Irrigation System

For a well and pump irrigation system, we’ll sink a well point and connect it to a centrifugal pump. The pump will lift the water from the ground and pump it into the sprinkler system. You’ll no longer be paying for the water from the city.

Lake Pump Irrigation System

If you live on Lake Lanier or another smaller water source, we may be able to install a centrifugal pump with an intake suction line and filter. This will draw water from the lake or pond and feed it into your sprinkler system. Lake pump sprinkler systems are subject to local codes which could play into whether it is possible or not.

If you’re interested in exploring the lake or well pump sprinkler system conversion route, give us a call today. Most existing sprinkler systems are able to support a conversion with a few adjustments. We’ll be happy to take a look at your sprinkler system and offer the best advice for lowering your water use, water costs and still enjoying a lush healthy lawn and landscape. Call today: (678) 921-3684


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