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North Atlanta Sprinkler System Repair: Common Sprinkler System Breaks, Leaks, and Hidden Water Wasters

North Atlanta sprinkler systems have many vital parts, all exposed to the constant interference of weather, animals, erosion and other external maleficence. A small break, tear, leak or rip can cost you hundreds in wasted water costs. Even if you think your system is running fine, you might be surprised by a suddenly high water bill or a dying patch of lawn. While some sprinkler system breaks are obvious, others are hidden out of site.

The most commonly seen and unseen sprinkler system repairs are:

  • Cut, split, or broken water lines
  • Buried sprinkler heads
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Inoperable spray heads
  • Broken sprinkler head seals
  • Broken rotor heads
  • Broken sprinkler valves
  • Clogged spray nozzles
  • Malfunctioning controller (lighting and improper grounding can fry a controller)
  • Chewed through wiring

The most common unnoticed water wasters:

  • Unseen buried leaks
  • Slow leaking valves
  • Unmatched precipitation rates
  • Overwatering or watering regardless of recent or upcoming rain

At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we hate to see clients using and paying for more water than their lawn and landscape require to be healthy and lush. We offer a 100% FREE no obligation sprinkler system inspection so we can find all the breaks, hidden leaks, and water wasters in your system. With a free estimate and flat rate pricing, you’ll have a clear plan of action for saving money.

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