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Smart Irrigation Tips

Johns Creek Sprinkler Systems: What is the Best Time to Water My Lawn?

When Should I Have My Johns Creek Sprinkler System Scheduled to Turn On?

Irrigating your Johns Creek lawn is not as simple as just programming your system to run when you are not going to be using it. Choosing the best time to water, within the parameters of the Johns Creek water restrictions will ensure your lawn gets the most out of every drop of water. While it used to be that some professionals would say to water in the evening, there is a new and better consensus. Early morning watering is the best time to water your lawn in Suwanee.

Early Morning = Breakfast Time for Your Lawn

There are several rules of thought in regards to why early morning is the best. First off, it is before the sun is at its hottest in the middle of the day. If you water at noon in the summertime, the fast evaporation of water from your lawn could cause it to get scorched.

undefinedSecondly, by watering in the morning instead of night, the water will evaporate and absorb at a speed that is not too slow. Slow absorption and little evaporation in the middle of the night could lead to the opposite problem of scorching: fungus, mildew, root decay and an overall unhealthy lawn.

Toro EVOLUTION Irrigation Controller

Worried you’ll forget? Are you too busy in the morning or don’t get up early enough to make sure your Johns Creek sprinkler system runs at the right time? Let our Toro EVOLUTION® smart controller do the work for you. It is not only easy to program for early morning lawn feedings, but it also works in conjunction with over 40-years of weather data for your exact location, rain sensors, and soil sensors to ensure that your sprinkler system doesn’t run in the rain or right before the rain arrives.

If you’re ready to upgrade your Johns Creek sprinkler system to include the latest in water conserving technology, call today to schedule your free system efficiency inspection (678) 671-2020. Our inspection will identify upgrades and retrofits that could improve your system efficiency to lower your water use, while also finding any hidden leaks or damages in need of repair. Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta is looking forward to working with you.

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