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Water Conservation Tips

Why is Suwanee Irrigation Water So Expensive?

Suwanee residents may have noticed a sharp rise in the cost of water since 2008, especially if they irrigate their lawn and garden during recent drought conditions. While looking at a map of the United States showing water costs, it is easy to see water in the Atlanta area is the most expensive in the country. Why is the water so expensive?

Clean Water Atlanta

In 2008, a four-year rate increase program was approved to fund the Clean Water Atlanta Program. The rate increase is graduated so that the more water you use, the higher your rate. The program is a long-term plan for creating the “cleanest urban streams and rivers in the country within a decade.” It also includes multiple programs to improve and maintain water quality through infrastructure improvements aimed at better drinking water and wastewater systems. The increased water rates go to fund the infrastructure improvements needed to meet legal and environmental clean water obligations.

Suwanee Sewer Charges Pay for Water Treatment

In Suwanee, you’ll notice that your sewer charges are almost 75% of your water bill. These sewer rates fund the investment in improving and building new water treatment facilities. According to circle of blue, federal grants initially funded sewage treatment plants in the ’70s after the Clean Water Act was passed. Those funds have been cut and are not coming back, leaving cities to find new ways to fund these important programs.

With water rates going up, naturally, residents begin to work towards using less water, a win for water conservation efforts. With graduated water rates, using less water saves you exponentially on your monthly water bill.

Long-Term Savings with Suwanee Smart Irrigation

Irrigation systems account for approximately 59% (estimated by the EPA) of your monthly water bill, making it the best place to focus water conservation and money-saving efforts. While low-flow toilets and taking shorter showers are a great effort, the average household uses about 100 gallons of water per day indoors. But a 7-zone irrigation system uses about 2,500 gallons of water each time it runs! At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, we deploy highly trained technicians and the most innovative sprinkler system parts available to reduce your irrigation water use.

Would you like to reduce your irrigation water use by 40-60% while still enjoying a beautiful green lawn and landscape?

Call today (678) 671-2020 for a free Suwanee sprinkler system inspection. We’ll test every zone looking for hidden line leaks, broken heads, misaligned sprinklers and opportunities for increased efficiency through repairs, adjustments, reprogramming, and upgrades. Saving water to save you money!

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