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Why Is a Spring Sprinkler Inspection Vital for your North Atlanta Irrigation System?

Your North Atlanta sprinkler system has been turned off for several months. A lot can happen in that time. From natural disasters, erosion, weather and interference from burrowing animals, your sprinkler system might need some repairs.

Winter Freeze

While many folks in the Atlanta area do not bother winterizing their irrigation systems, freezing weather can happen. If there is enough water pooling in the lines, it could freeze and causes hidden cracks, splits, and tears. The same thing can happen to sprinkler heads. Better to check them all before firing your sprinkler system up for the dry season.

Last Summer’s Heavy Use

Last summer’s wear and tear can create inefficiencies from misaligned sprinkler heads, worn out valves and aging sprinkler system parts. It is a good idea to have your system inspected for the purpose of re-optimization if nothing else.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Eighteen to forty-five gallons of water can be wasted every time your system runs with a single broken sprinkler head. If you wait until the season is here and just turn your system on, you could be left to choose between wasting that water or not running your sprinklers until a repair person can come out. Not only that, split lines, leaking valves and other issues could have you wasting water unknowingly. On the surface everything seems hunky dory and then a month later your bill arrives, leaving you in a lurch to figure out who used all that water!

Don’t take the chance! Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta offers a FREE Comprehensive sprinkler system inspection. You don’t have to pay a thing. We’ll check every valve, sprinkler head, and line, in every zone. We’ll review your programming for potential changes and provide you with a full report featuring a free estimate with flat-rate pricing. Call today to schedule your inspection before the dry season gets underway. (678) 671-2020

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