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Strong Roots = Healthy Lawn: Watering your Johns Creek Lawn More, Does NOT Mean it Will Be Healthier

Do you struggle with your Johns Creek lawn care? No matter how much water you give it, you can’t get it healthy or keep it healthy?

The source of your trouble may lie in your turf’s root system.

Roots are the symbol of strength in all areas of life. Certainly, the origination of this symbolism comes from reality. Tree roots might be your first thought, but all plants rely on their roots for their strength. This strength in their roots determines their health and beauty.

Overwatering Damages Root Strength

undefinedJohns Creek grassroots are no different. They need airflow for oxygen – overwatering your lawn will drown the roots making for a dead or weak turf. If it doesn’t kill the grass, it can make it weak and much more susceptible to disease and insect damage. Overwatered lawns can also become overrun with a variety of weeds that are difficult to control, making for an unhealthy and weed-filled lawn.

Overwatering Your Lawn Can Cost You Big

With the most expensive water in the country, it is no doubt you could be throwing money, quite literally, down the drain with too much irrigation. But overwatering also dilutes the effectiveness of your fertilizer. Washing it away before it can be absorbed means you’ll need more fertilizer, and you’ll get less effective results.

Will I get dry brown turf by making my Johns Creek sprinkler system more efficient?

At Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta, our goal is to help all of our clients use less water. We accomplish this goal with a FREE Johns Creek sprinkler system inspection to identify needed repairs and efficiency opportunities, helping many clients use as much as 40% less water.

We have been asked if this reduction in water use will leave them with a dry, brown unhealthy turf. Our answer quite simply is absolutely not.

We never risk the health of your lawn to reduce water use. Lawns are an important part of the ecosystem and keeping them healthy is as important for the environment as conserving water use. Our expert irrigation technicians evaluate the precise amount of water your lawn and landscape needs and will optimize your system to meet that target exactly. Leaving you with a healthier lawn, a lower water bill and the knowledge that you’re doing your part in water conservation efforts. Call today to schedule your free inspection. 678-671-2020

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