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Is Your Annual Chattanooga Irrigation System Backflow Testing Scheduled?

Chattanooga Irrigation System Benefits
Chattanooga Irrigation System Benefits

The calendar has officially turned over to longer days and warmer ones on the horizon. That also means the time to turn your irrigation system back on is coming. Before you do, you’ll need backflow testing from a Tennessee state-certified backflow inspector like Conserva Chattanooga. Here’s what residents need to know.

Chattanooga Irrigation System Backflow Testing

What is Backflow Testing?

The state requires backflow testing to ensure contaminants, such as pesticides and fertilizer, don’t make their way into drinking water. The state requires this testing for residential and commercial irrigation systems.

If a back-siphonage occurs due to a drop in pressure in the sprinkler system, a reversal in water flow could introduce pollutants into the water supply. That would be harmful to anyone consuming the water.

Chattanooga Backflow Testing Conserva Irrigation

How Do You Prevent Back-Siphonages?

A backflow device is ideal for prevention. It’s also called a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a reduced pressure zone valve (RPZ). It works to keep any back-siphonage from entering the water supply. However, they need to be evaluated after winter because they could suffer damage due to freezing.

What Are the Deadlines for Backflow Testing Completion in Chattanooga?

The deadlines depend on your utility source. East Side Utilities customers have a deadline of June 1. Savannah Valley is July 31, and Tennessee American has a range of timelines. You should receive a letter from them with your deadline.

Chattanooga Irrigation System Benefits

Choose Conserva Chattanooga for Annual Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is a requirement that keeps drinking water safe. You’ll receive professional, compliant testing from our licensed and certified team. We can perform the inspection and complete any necessary paperwork for these local water utilities:

  • Tennessee American Water
  • East Side Utility
  • Savannah Valley Utility District
  • Signal Mountain Utility
  • Walden Ridge Utility

Should the evaluation uncover any issues, we’ll provide you with a full report that notes any repair or replacement recommendations with an estimate. In many cases, our technicians have the parts and materials to do on-the-spot repairs.

You can also request a summerization of your sprinkler system during this appointment. Summerization includes:

  • Turning on water and controller
  • Programming the controller to conserve water and optimize root development zone by zone
  • Testing all sensors
  • Inspecting and adjusting all heads
  • Completing a free comprehensive system efficiency analysis
  • Flagging problem areas with any notes on repairs and costs

Is your annual Chattanooga irrigation system backflow testing scheduled

Backflow testing and summerization prepare your irrigation system for use, ensuring optimization of water usage.

Rely on Conserva Chattanooga to keep your irrigation system in good order and protect your water. Our services are fast, affordable, and effective. Contact us today to schedule your appointment before your deadline date.

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