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New Chattanooga Homeowners Make Sure Your Lawn Is Lush with a Smart Irrigation System

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conserva professional

Now that you’ve found your new Chattanooga home, it’s time to make your outdoor spaces just as homey. The best way to do that is with a lush lawn. Healthy green grass in your yard requires several components to grow and thrive. It needs the proper nutrients and water. A smart irrigation system from Conserva Chattanooga is an excellent addition to your property.

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Why Install a Smart Irrigation System?

Watering a lawn without a sprinkler system is a lot of manual work, and you’re guessing at how much water the landscape needs. Standard irrigation systems will turn on and off on a timer but still don’t optimize water usage for the best outcomes. Overwatering is a likely result, which could oversaturate the grass and adds to your water bill.

Smart irrigation systems really change the game here. It works with three components: the controller, weather sensor, and soil sensor. They work together and share data to determine when to water and how much. It ensures efficient water use, reducing it by 40-60%.

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Such a solution also is more durable and lasts longer than traditional sprinklers. Plus, by choosing our experts, you can enjoy additional irrigation maintenance services, including our five-step process.

Installing a Smart Irrigation System

Installing an irrigation system is critical to its long-term usage. Whether it’s a new install, expansion, or replacement, we’ll design a custom solution for you. We design our residential sprinkler systems to meet the needs of a growing lawn while also conserving resources.

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When we plan out a system, we look at precipitation rate, soil type, sun and shade, percolation rate, and slope. Considering these factors enables a smooth irrigation installation that will support your yard for years to come.

Post-Installation, You Can Count on Conserva Chattanooga

We employ a five-step process to ensure your irrigation system is working as it should so that you have a resilient yard and aren’t overspending on watering. It includes an:

  • Assessment
  • Repairs and adjustments
  • Optimization
  • Retrofits and upgrades
  • Maintenance

We have both winterization and summerization maintenance plans. Additionally, you can schedule our team for spring or fall aerations to revitalize your landscape before the next season. For a turnkey approach to a healthy, well-watered lawn, we’ve got you covered.

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