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Cooler Days Ahead: Winterize Your Sprinkler System Now

As the days get shorter and the air begins to chill in Chattanooga, there are lots of things happening during the change of seasons. Your lawn and landscape need some special care. Winterizing your lawn with our help is extremely important for its long-term viability. It’s also a great time to ensure your sprinkler system is working well with a quick inspection.

Sprinkler in grass

Our Winterization Checklist

Our team of certified irrigation professionals can provide you with a full winterization plan for your yard. First, we start with a blowout sprinkler service. This process consists of the following steps:

  • Full assessment of the sprinkler system to check for any issues.
  • Turning off the sprinkler’s water supply and draining all water from the system.
  • Shutting down the sprinkler system controller.

After the blowout is complete, we’ll provide you with an estimate for any repairs and create a Winterization Report specific to your lawn.

No Freeze Damage Guarantee™

In addition to the blowout service, Conserva Irrigation of Chattanooga offers the no freeze guarantee. The reality is that temperatures will dip down below freezing over the winter months, which can be damaging to sprinkler systems that haven’t been evacuated properly. That’s why we recommend the blowout service, and we’re glad to offer the service to any homeowner or business owner, regardless of who installed your sprinkler system.


If damage occurs to your system due to freezing after we complete winterization, then we’ll repair it at no cost. Please note this guarantee does not relate to systems not winterized before freezing temperatures, backflow prevention systems that fail due to incorrect builds, or inoperable zones or valves.

Don’t Delay, Winterize Today

Now is the perfect time to schedule your winterization service. Colder weather is coming. Don’t let it ruin your sprinkler system. Taking care of your system in every season is key to it continuing to work well and keep your lawn hydrated.

Contact us today to book your appointment.

Don’t Let Your Irrigation Lines Freeze This Winter!

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