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Chattanooga’s Dog Days of Summer Are Here—Is Your Sprinkler Running Efficiently?

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “dog days” of summer. It actually has nothing to do with dogs but rather the sun’s proximity to Sirius, the “Dog Star.” It’s come to symbolize the most oppressive days of summer. High heat and humidity reign, so it’s crucial that your Chattanooga lawn has proper irrigation.

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Many people think their sprinkler system is working just fine because it’s watering. There’s much more to appropriate irrigation. Technology is ushering in a new type of system, one that does the thinking for you.

Smart Irrigation Systems Understand the Environment

If you’re using an old sprinkler system, it doesn’t have the capabilities to consider the environment. Instead, you are stuck with only the ability to schedule, leading to water waste and higher bills.

sprinkler repair in Chattanooga

Smart irrigation systems work much differently. Conserva Irrigation of Chattanooga specializes in efficient irrigation. We focus on the conservation of water. Our systems use less water because they adapt to the weather through the use of Toro® technology.

During the “dog days” of summer, your smart irrigation system can detect temperature changes as well as soil saturation via sensors. The weather and soil sensors communicate and relay information to the controller. It takes this data then determines what zones need watering and when. It’s the most efficient irrigation system available, saving up to 60% on water usage.

Use Less Water and Maintain Your Landscape

If your current sprinkler system lacks effectiveness and squanders water, it’s time to rethink how you take care of your lawn. Traditional methods can’t offer you these advantages. Plus, they are a pain to maintain.

sprinkler repair in Chattanooga

We have the ability to retrofit your existing units or install a new one. We suggest beginning the process with our free sprinkler system inspection. This Comprehensive exam provides you with a detailed analysis of your system. From this assessment, you’ll receive a System Efficiency Score (SES) along with recommendations.

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