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Don't Forget to Have Your Backflow Device Checked! Protect Your Family & Let Conserva File Your Paperwork

Conserva Can Handle Your Backflow testing and Complimentary Paperwork Filing

Don’t worry, Conserva Irrigation of Chattanooga can take care of all of your backflow testings and fill out the required paperwork from the water company for you with just one call to (423) 680-6369. In Tennessee, it is required by law that you have to file paperwork with your local water company every year that you have an approved backflow prevention device installed and that it has been properly tested and passed inspection.

With your busy life, it can become easy to forget about your yearly backflow testing in the Greater Chattanooga area. Let the professionals at Conserva of Chattanooga take care of your testing and paperwork so you don’t get fined. Give us a call and we will send a backflow certified technician to your home to perform the test and fill out the necessary paperwork. It is as easy as that or you can sign up for a yearly maintenance plan and then you don’t even have to call, we will automatically come out and execute the test.

What is backflow? Why do we need backflow testing?

It is important to know what backflow is and the importance of backflow testing. At its base, backflow occurs when clean or potable water or other substances reverse direction that then will cause suction to happen that will pull dirty water and mix it with the clean, treated water supply. This can be very bad as dirty water can contain many detrimental substances such as chemicals, fertilizer, and waste. In order to keep your family and pets safe, we have to test the backflow any time a cross-connection exists with clean (potable) water and dirty (non-potable) water.

How does drinking water become contaminated by backflow?

  • A drinking water distribution main is unprotected because of the lack of a properly installed and functioning backflow prevention device on the service connection at the customer’s supply
  • A physical cross connection is made between the drinking water distribution main and a contaminant source

The Two Types of Backflow To Know About: Backpressure and Back Siphonage

Backpressure occurs when the pressure of the contaminant source exceeds the positive pressure in the water distribution main. For example, a drinking water supply main may have a connection to a hot water boiler system that is not protected by an approved and functioning backflow prevention device. If the pressure in the boiler system increases to where it exceeds the pressure in the water distribution system, backflow from the boiler to the drinking water supply system may occur.

Back siphonage┬áis caused by a negative pressure (vacuum or partial vacuum) in the water distribution system. This is similar in effect to sipping of water through a straw. If there’s a water leak in your house, a house water service break, city water main break, hydrant flushing, or hydrant use by the fire department, the water pressure in your house or city water mains can cause negative pressure, dropping lower than the water pressure in the boiler systems.

What Exactly is a backflow prevention device?

Backflow devices can be known by a couple of different names. A pressure vacuum breaker, PVB, or a reduced pressure zone valve, RPZ, all do the same job of preventing backflow. Typically speaking, most customers use an RPZ due to the reduced cost over the PVB. A Conserva technician will install the backflow preventer onto your plumbing system to protect you and your family’s drinking water. The goal is to protect you from the contaminants found in your irrigation system from the fertilizers and pesticides that are applied to your lawn. If you happen to have a boiler system, then the water can sis stagnant or trapped in these systems, which ultimately will lead to a dangerous buildup of bacteria and increased mineral content from the piping system.

In most systems, a backflow is required at all cross-sections in all water systems whether they are residential, commercial or industrial. When working and installed properly, a backflow preventer keeps the clean water supply safe by checking valves that prevent water from flowing “backward” into the clean water supply during times of unequal water pressure or other unique pressure conditions or fluctuations.

The technicians at Conserva Irrigation are fully licensed, insured and certified to perform your backflow testing for the Greater Chattanooga area. We can also conduct any sprinkler system repairs you may have while on site after the testing. Don’t forget—we are a full-service irrigation company, so we will take the hassle of filling out the backflow testing paperwork and we will do it for you at no additional cost! As always, we will check and double check that you are in full compliance with the required backflow testing regulations and eliminate any chance that you will get fined.

Give Us a Call at (423) 680-6369

With just one quick phone call to (423) 680-6369, you can easily schedule your backflow test or sign-up for a sprinkler system maintenance plan and your backflow test will be included in your plan every year. After one call you will see why Conserva Irrigation of Chattanooga is your premier irrigation company.

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