Ann Arbor Irrigation and Sprinkler System Repairs

Ann Arbor Broken Sprinkler HeadA broken or misfiring irrigation system can cost you big in wasted water, and a dying lawn and landscape. The longer you wait in getting a sprinkler system repaired, the more damage that can be done. If you have an obvious needs such as a broken sprinkler head creating a geyser, not firing at all, or puddling in your yard. Give us a call for sprinkler repair service today!

Hidden Irrigation Leaks

Did you know that there are many sprinkler system damages that go unseen? Unseen, at least until the exorbitant water bill arrives at the end of the month. With a large part of your irrigation system buried underground and the propensity for water to flow down, you may never see evidence of a damage. At Conserva Irrigation of Ann Arbor, we offer fantastic maintenance packages and a free sprinkler system inspection to find those hidden issues, but, we encourage you to call us when any of the following arise:

  • Dry spots in your lawn.
  • Soggy spots in your lawn.
  • A geyser when your system fires.
  • A sprinkler head that won’t fire at all.
  • A sprinkler head that won’t turn off.
  • Weak sprinkler heads.
  • Mold or mushrooms are growing.
  • Zone(s) that won’t turn on or off.
  • System won’t turn on.
  • System won’t shut off.
  • Controller or Programming issues of any kind.
  • Updated your landscape.
  • Sprinkler turns on in the rain.
  • Before you fire it up in the spring.
  • Before the first freeze for proper winterization.
  • What to Expect from the Best
  • Ann Arbor Irrigation Company

Ann Arbor Toro Sprinkler SystemsOur certified irrigation technicians will show up to your property on-time and with a professional appearance.

The first step is to diagnose the problem. Whether your irrigation problems can be solved with a change in your watering schedule, adjusting a sprinkler head, or there is a hidden leak underground — our team can find it. Sprinkler system issues can be anything from an electrical short or a programming issue all the way to broken sprinkler heads, cut lines, or leaking valves. No matter how big or small, with our sprinkler system inspection, we will discover the issue.

Our technician will then provide you with a quote for fixing your irrigation system. Our quotes are free and our flat rate pricing eliminates any potential confusion. At that point, you can decide whether to go ahead with the repairs or not. Our vans arrive on site fully stocked and will have the most common sprinkler repair parts on hand – for same day repairs.


Every single time we touch a sprinkler system, our goal is to leave it more efficient than we found it. So when a sprinkler repair is needed, it is an opportunity to make the system even more efficient than it was before it broke. That is why we use innovative Toro® parts. Our partnership with Toro is based on a mutual goal of conserving the worlds finite resource of fresh water and we believe irrigation use is an area where we can make the biggest impact.

If you’re in need of irrigation repairs or maintenance in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Canton, Plymouth, Brighton or the areas in between, give us a call today!

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