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Pressurized Irrigation Schedules

Traverse Mountain Irrigation Schedule & Services

In the Traverse Mountain area, the summerization and winterization of your irrigation system is extremely important. Many towns and localities in the area have a set irrigation schedule for when pressurized irrigation water systems are turned on and off.

To properly prepare and plan for your sprinkler system’s seasonal needs, make sure you know when your city has pressurized irrigation water available using the chart below.

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Local Irrigation Start and End Dates

CityHas Pressurized Irrigation?Water Turn OnWater Turn Off

Traverse Mountain Pressurized Irrigation Schedules

Seasonal Sprinkler System Inspection Guide

For the summerization or irrigation system start-up, it’s important that we:

  • Inspect your sprinkler system
  • Adjust sprinkler heads and valves for optimal water distribution
  • And set your ideal irrigation schedules for your lawn

It can also be helpful to have mid-season inspections of your irrigation system, available with our irrigation maintenance packages, to ensure the system continues to perform efficiently.

Winterization Services for Irrigation Systems

Once it’s time to winterize, the Conserva Irrigation team will properly drain your irrigation system to avoid any damage to the system throughout the winter. This is a crucial step for Traverse Mountain irrigation systems, including those with automated drain systems as those can leave behind residual water without proper winterization.

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